Avalon Airport cuts the cost of flying

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The Victorian Coalition Government welcomes Avalon Airport’s decision to slash landing fees for all aircraft using the airport.

Minister for the Aviation Industry Gordon Rich-Phillips said the decision to cut landing fees by up to 70 per cent will boost demand for ancillary support services and value-adding pilot training activities, providing real incentives for more pilots to operate from the airport.

“These are the benefits from robust competition in the Victorian aviation sector. Depending on the size of the aircraft, landing fees will be reduced by between 15 to 70 per cent from 1 May 2014,” Mr Rich-Phillips said.

For light aircraft, the landing fee has been decreased from $100 to as low as $30, 
a 70 per cent reduction. Training flight fees, for light aircraft pilots to practise runway approaches and departures, are being reduced 25 per cent, from $20 to $15. Landing fees for typical medium-sized charter aircraft have been cut from $100 to $60, a 40 per cent reduction. Bigger corporate jets and airliners see their fees reduced by 15 per cent.

“Victoria is the home of aviation in Australia. Where other states are running out of space at airports, Victoria leads the way with open skies and vigorous general aviation, commercial charter and airline sectors,” Mr Rich-Phillips said.

“Avalon Airport is Victoria’s second, curfew-free major airport and is increasingly important as a general aviation hub.”

Mr Rich-Phillips also noted that Avalon Airport is one of only four airports in Victoria equipped with an Instrument Landing System (ILS), which enables pilots to be trained in making instrument approaches in low visibility, all-weather conditions.

“Victoria is leading Australia in the capacity of our primary, secondary and regional airports to handle increased demand for aviation activity. Moves such as Avalon’s to cut the cost of flying will benefit not only advanced pilots and pilots-in-training who use the airport, but invigorate the whole aviation industry,” Mr Rich-Phillips said. 

Avalon Airport’s Chief Executive Officer, Justin Giddings, said cutting landing fees would attract more aircraft to the airport and grow the mix of light, charter and big jet aircraft operating there.

“We’re known as the home of the Australian International Airshow. We’ll also be known around Australia as one of the best-equipped and most-affordable airports, too,” Mr Giddings said.

“Whether you’re flying a Cessna or an Airbus, Avalon welcomes you.”

The landing fees cut comes as Victorian Premier Denis Napthine also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) last week to expand Avalon Airport’s passenger transport operations into China. The MOU commits Linfox Group to assist HNA Group Hainan Airlines to start an aviation service between Australia and China within 18 months, using Avalon Airport as a base. 

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