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Victoria’s aviation sector set to fly

General Portfolio Press Releases
The Victorian Coalition Government will invest $4.5 million over the next two years in new initiatives to support the development of Victoria’s world-class aviation and aerospace sector.

Minister for the Aviation Industry Gordon Rich-Phillips said Victoria is the national leader in aviation and aerospace and the new budget funding will help maintain and build for future growth of the sector.

“Victoria leads Australia in aviation and aerospace, and the Coalition Government will continue to invest in infrastructure, skills and capability development to ensure we maintain that position.”

One of the key challenges for aviation and aerospace is the availability of skills, and the new funding will support the development of programs to encourage new entrants into aviation related careers.

Victoria also has great strengths in aviation training, manufacturing, research and development, and maintenance repair and overhaul.

The Coalition Government is committed to working with industry to drive collaboration and integration across those sectors.

Building on the success of Victoria’s trade mission program, the Coalition Government will focus on investment attraction and export promotion for the aviation and aerospace sectors, including our highly regarded pilot training sector.

This new funding builds upon the Coalition Government’s Regional Aviation Fund, launched in 2011 to assist with the upgrade of aviation infrastructure at regional airports throughout Victoria.

The Coalition Government has been able to increase investment in the aviation and aerospace sectors through responsible economic management and maintaining a AAA credit rating.

“The funding package announced today further strengthens the Coalition Government’s commitment to building Victoria’s aviation and aerospace industries for the future growth of the State,” Mr Rich-Phillips said.

Source: Gordon Rich-Phillips - Minister for Aviation

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