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Coalition delivers $19 million for technology

General Portfolio Press Releases
The Victorian Coalition Government has allocated $19 million over four years towards the technology portfolio as part of the 2013-14 Victorian State Budget, Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips announced today.

Mr Rich-Phillips said that the 2013-14 Victorian State Budget provided new funding to support the implementation of the Victorian Government ICT Strategy, announced earlier this year.

“The ICT Strategy provides high-level direction on the use of ICT to deliver better government services and improve ICT management in Victoria and is supported by 50 specific actions,” Mr Rich-Phillips said.

“New funding will allow us to deliver on the key actions as set out in the ICT strategy and implement new initiatives to improve industry engagement and outcomes in ICT procurement, as well as improving management of ICT projects.

“The allocation of $19 million over four years for technology in the 2013-14 Victorian State Budget also supports the extension of core initiatives under Victoria’s Technology Plan for the Future – Information and Communication Technology.

“This includes support for growing our local companies and other industry development activities and ICT skills initiatives.

The Coalition Government is committed to a strong and competitive ICT industry in Victoria. Responsible financial management by the Coalition Government has enabled increased investment to further strengthen and grow capacity in Victoria’s ICT industry.

“The new allocation of funding for ICT initiatives demonstrates the Coalition Government’s commitment to the Victorian ICT sector and the role of ICT in driving innovation and productivity within government and across the economy,” Mr Rich-Phillips said.

Source: Gordon Rich-Phillips - Minister for Technology

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