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Technology vouchers foster innovation in Victorian ICT companies

General Portfolio Press Releases
Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips today announced eight companies that have been awarded Technology Development Vouchers worth up to $50,000 as part of the Victorian Government’s $8 million Technology Voucher Program.

Mr Rich-Phillips said the funding would allow each of the eight companies to collaborate with suppliers in order to develop, adapt or adopt new products and processes using industrial biotechnology, small technologies or information and communication technology (ICT).

“This is a responsive funding model to drive the use of cutting-edge technologies, enabling Victoria’s companies to compete in today’s global economy,” Mr Rich-Phillips said.

“The vouchers will help innovative companies to connect with high-tech service providers and absorb new technologies to improve their productivity and competitiveness,” Mr Rich-Phillips said.

The Technology Voucher Program supports projects that involve the development of new technology or explore the application of existing technologies in innovative or novel ways.

The eight companies to receive a Technology Development Voucher are:

· Scientific Technology Pty Ltd (with RMIT) – for applying watermarking to audio files that will detect whether an original file has been tampered with, edited or changed.

· Lignor Ltd (with Dieffenbacher, Germany) – for the development of cross-laminated strand timber to produce shipping container flooring to an international performance standard.

· I C One Two Pty Ltd (with Involve Audio Pty Ltd) – to produce a commercial LED camera flash unit.

· Spuds R Us Pty Ltd (KMH Environmental Engineering) – to trial technology to enable the removal of solids from wastewater using a small technology based membrane.

· Evado eClincial (with Logical Tech Digital) – to further develop a functional prototype of a new architecture for developing mobile applications.

· Samaran International Pty Ltd (with Monash University) – to develop a remote monitoring and decision support system, using sensor and communication technologies, for real time data on milk volume and temperature prior to collection.

· Carbon Revolution Pty Ltd (with Insight Engineering Australia Pty Ltd) – to design and implement a novel system for whole of life tracking of individual components using radio frequency identification (RFID) chips embedded in carbon fibre wheels.

· UoM Commercial Ltd (with Planet Innovation Pty Ltd) – to enable a working prototype of a unique sound recognition software program for application in security monitoring devices.

Mr Rich-Phillips said applications for the Technology Development Vouchers would remain open to ensure companies could utilise the program at a time that suited them.

“As part of the Technology Voucher Program, we have also established a searchable directory of Technology Capabilities and Suppliers, listing companies and organisations that can provide services to voucher applicants,” Mr Rich-Phillips said.

“The directory includes more than 180 Technology Voucher Program listed suppliers and enables users to easily connect applicant needs with supplier capabilities.”

Minister Rich-Phillips will lead 53 ICT and technology organisations participating in the Victorian Coalition Government's trade mission to South-East Asia, commencing over the weekend.

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Source: Gordon Rich-Phillips - Minister for Technology

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