Coalition Government announces 500 ICT jobs for Victoria over the next five years

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Coalition Government announces 500 ICT jobs for Victoria over the next five years

Locally-headquartered SMS Management & Technology (SMS) the latest in string of ICT companies to find ongoing success in Victoria

Coalition Government working hard to ensure ICT companies continue investing in Victoria

Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips today announced that locally-headquartered ICT firm SMS Management & Technology (SMS) will create 500 ICT jobs in Victoria over the next five years.

“SMS will be employing more than 1,000 people nationally, as they meet expected growth in service demand,” Mr Rich-Phillips said.

“Around 500 of these will be based in Victoria and will draw on our world-class local ICT skills.

“Setting the right environment for growth is a key priority for the Coalition Government. During our first term, we have worked hard to ensure that when ICT companies are asking where to grow and invest in the Asia Pacific Region, Victoria is the answer.

“No other state can boast a stable triple AAA credit rating,  projected record budget surpluses,  a $27 billion infrastructure program and has been declared the most liveable city in the world four years in a row,” Mr Rich-Phillips said.

Mr Rich-Phillips also said that SMS’s growth is the latest in Victoria’s succession of technology wins since the Coalition came to office.

“The ICT companies that have recently announced major new expanded operations in Victoria have included SAP, Capgemini, Web Marketing Experts and Zendesk, US companies Lockheed Martin, IBM, Hightail and Equinix, and India’s Dexler, Infotech and Servion Global Solutions,” Mr Rich-Phillips said.

“All these companies are now in Victoria creating high-skilled technology jobs.

“Since coming to government, the Coalition has also facilitated more than $1.4 billion in new ICT and technology-related investments and more than 5,500 technology jobs,” Mr Rich-Phillips said.

The SMS Management & Technology announcement is part of the Napthine Government's Victorian Jobs in the 21st Century plan, a $33 billion initiative to create 200,000 jobs and provide training for 850,000 Victorians.
Established in 1986, SMS is a leading publicly-listed [ASX:SMX] consulting, technology and managed services firm, employing more than 1,700 staff in offices throughout Australia, and the Asia Pacific Region.

CEO Tom Stianos said Melbourne-headquartered SMS have always believed in promoting local talent and growing the Victorian ICT industry.

“Over the next five years, we plan to hire more than 1,000 staff nationally. Victoria, being our largest region, should account for around half of this activity,” Mr Stianos said.

“Major growth areas are anticipated to be in customer-facing capabilities including digital design and experience, as well as digital enablement services built on mobility, cloud and our managed services business.”

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