New website ensures greater transparency in land sales

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A new website which publically lists Victorian Government land for sale was launched today by Assistant Treasurer Gordon Rich-Phillips.

The status of ready-for-sale sites across Victoria is now listed on the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) website, as well as information on recently-completed land sales and properties that are being prepared for future sale.

“At the same time that the Victorian Coalition Government is delivering a significant land sales program, we are also delivering unprecedented transparency,” Mr Rich-Phillips said.

“This website will ensure all Victorians have access to the status of Government land currently on the market, as well as parcels of land being prepared for sale and recent sales.

“Proceeds of the Government’s highly-successful land sales program are reinvested back into important new infrastructure such as schools, roads, public transport and hospitals, while the subsequent redevelopment of sites by the new owners has wide-reaching benefits for communities.

“It’s important that surplus sites that have sat dormant on the Government’s books for many years are going back to the market to be turned into new developments in which people live or work. This also creates investment and jobs as they are developed,” Mr Rich-Phillips said.

“The former Labor Government closed dozens of schools across Victoria but left the sites abandoned, derelict and decaying for years on end. The Coalition Government’s highly-successful surplus land sales program has delivered results for taxpayers and ensured the renewal of long-abandoned community eyesores.”

Government land becomes surplus when it no longer contributes to a Victorian Government department or agencies’ current or future service delivery requirements. 

Once the land is declared surplus, it is offered for sale to all other Victorian Government departments and agencies first, as well as to local government and the Commonwealth Government, before being listed for public sale.


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