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Labor fails to get back to work in Casey

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Labor fails to get back to work in Casey

The Andrews Government’s scheme to create 100,000 new jobs has again failed to deliver on its promised jobs for the people of Casey.

The $100 million ‘back to work’ scheme has only created eight local jobs in the City of Casey in the six months between 1 July 2015 and 31 December 2015. 

To be on track the scheme should have already generated more than 1200 jobs for Casey.

Labor’s ‘back to work’ scheme was meant to deliver 100,000 new full-time jobs for Victoria by the end of this year, but has to date achieved just 801 jobs state wide.

The failure of back to work is more bad news for Daniel Andrews after employment figures released in the past week showed that 33,000 fewer jobs were created in Victoria during 2015 under Labor  (44,673 jobs) than were created in 2014 under the previous Coalition Government (77,939 jobs).

Quotes attributable to Mr Rich-Phillips, Member for South-Eastern Metropolitan Region:

 “Labor’s back to work scheme is a costly dud that has not delivered the jobs that Daniel Andrews promised the people of Casey.”

 “At this rate, it will take 303 years for Labor to deliver the jobs it promised to the people of Casey.”

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