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City of Casey - Key figures from the Crime Statistics Agency 

Crime increased by 19.1% in the City of Casey in the past twelve months of the Andrews Government from March 2015 to March 2016. 

The total number of recorded offences for the year has risen from 18,271 to 21,761.

Theft up 18.5% from 6,043 to 7,163

Deception up 15.8% from 1,045 to 1,210

Burglary/break and enter offences up 38.4% from 1,703 to 2,357

Robbery up 79.6% from 93 to 167

Drug dealing and trafficking up 41.6% from 149 to 211

Drug use or possession up 30.8% from 751 to 982

Weapons and explosives offences up 55.9% from 513 to 800

Stalking, harassment and threatening behaviour 22.6% from 603 to 739

Source:  Crime Statistics Agency – link here

Comments from the Gordon Rich-Phillips, Member for South Eastern Metropolitan Region

It is very concerning that the crime rate is soaring in Casey, but Daniel Andrews is cutting frontline police numbers.

Despite massive increases in dangerous offences in Casey over the past year, local Labor MPs remain silent and refuse to acknowledge the crime crisis.

All evidence shows that crime is out of control in Casey, but Daniel Andrews’ cuts mean more pressure on local police resources and more police stations likely to close across Victoria.

We are caught in the grips of a crime crisis in the south east, and it is only going to get worse unless Daniel Andrews delivers more frontline police and gets tougher on crime.

Daniel Andrews needs to stop his war on CFA volunteers and focus on ending the crime wave sweeping south-east Melbourne.

Media contact: Courtney Mann 9794 7667     courtney.mann@parliament.vic.gov.au
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