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Alarming Increase in Crime for the City of Casey

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City of Casey - Key figures from the Crime Statistics Agency

Crime has increased at an alarming rate in the City of Casey in just 2 years of the Andrews Government.

The total number of recorded offences from 2014 to 2016 has risen from 17,103 to 23,385 
an increase of 36.7%.

  • Robbery up 114.6% from 89 to 191
  • Stalking, harassment & threatening behaviour up 56.9% from 497 to 780
  • Burglary/break and enter offences up 56.2% from 1,695 to 2,647
  • Theft up 44.0% from 5,528 to 7,962
  • Deception up 31.1% from 1,166 to 1,529
  • Drug use or possession up 26.0% from 720 to 907
  • Assault and related offences up 22.0% from 1,790 to 2,183

Source: Crime Statistics Agency – link here

Comments from the Hon. Gordon Rich-Phillips, Member for South Eastern 
Metropolitan Region

Within just 2 years of the Andrews Government we have seen crime rates soaring across the City of Casey.

This crime trend has been able to escalate due to Daniel Andrews weakening bail laws, cutting frontline police numbers, closing police stations and turning youth justice into a revolving door.

Daniel Andrews needs to admit that he has made a mistake and stop denying there is a problem when the statistics clearly say otherwise.

We are caught in the grips of a crime crisis in the south east, and it is only going to get worse unless Daniel Andrews pulls his head out of the sand and gets tougher on crime.

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