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Crime skyrockets in Casey

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 Crime skyrockets in Casey

City of Casey - Key figures from the Crime Statistics Agency 

Crime has skyrocketed in the City of Casey under the Andrews Government. 

The total number of recorded offences from Dec 2014 to Dec 2016 has risen from 17,512 to 24,135 an increase of 37.8%.

• Robbery up 115.2% from 79 to 170
• Burglary/break and enter offences up 68.5% from 1,681 to 2,832
• Theft up 45.9% from 5,667 to 8,266
• Deception up 45.3% from 1,083 to 1,574
• Stalking, harassment & threatening behaviour up 31.8% from 544 to 717
• Drug use or possession up 30.2% from 732 to 953
• Assault and related offences up 23.5% from 1,818 to 2,246
Source:  Crime Statistics Agency – link here

Comments from the Hon. Gordon Rich-Phillips, Member for South Eastern Metropolitan Region

Crime in Casey has skyrocketed under Daniel Andrews’ watch, and it will only get worse while he denies that there is a real problem.  

One year ago this week, Daniel Andrews said he would "smash these gangs", but statistics reveal that the crime crisis is now further out of control.
Casey is caught up in a crime crisis and Daniel Andrews has no solutions to fix it.

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