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Youth unemployment has climbed to new heights in Melbourne’s south east under Daniel Andrews.  

Figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics yesterday reveal that since the election of the Andrews Government in December 2014 the number of unemployed youth in the south east has risen by 34% from 9,010 to 12,041. 

The additional 3,031 unemployed youth in the south east is the largest increase seen in any Melbourne metropolitan or Victorian country region.  

Over the past year the youth unemployment rate in the south east has risen to 16.8% (up 1.1%) which is significantly higher than the current national youth unemployment rate of 12.9%. This has included the loss of over 1,450 full time jobs by youth in the south east since April 2016.

To make matters worse, Daniel Andrews has now stung Victorians with eleven new taxes that increase the costs of living and costs of doing business. These taxes are making life harder on our unemployed youth, and reducing their opportunities.

Quotes attributable to Mr Rich-Phillips, Member for South-Eastern Metropolitan Region:

“Daniel Andrews has comprehensively failed to deliver on his promise to generate jobs for our kids in the south east.”

“This high taxing, high debt Andrews Labor Government is too preoccupied with backroom deals and trade union paybacks to notice that youth unemployment is rapidly rising in our local suburbs.”

Media contact: Courtney Mann 9794 7667     courtney.mann@parliament.vic.gov.au 

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