Opposition Press Releases

Liberal Nationals to review rural water charges

20 February, 2018
An elected Liberal Nationals government will review the charges of northern Victoria’s rural water authorities to ensure water storage and delivery costs ... Read more

Labor thinks dangerous roads are better than a "kick in the d-ck"

20 February, 2018
A VAGO report found that Andrews Labor Government’s cuts to regional road funding is making country roads dangerous, but the minister thinks it’s st... Read more

What does Luke Donnellan say about country Victorians? ‘Dingbats’, ‘banjo playing conspiracy theorists’ and ‘better than a kick in the d—k’

20 February, 2018
It’s no wonder country Victoria has been neglected on road funding when Daniel Andrews’ Roads Minister has no respect for people who live in country... Read more

It’s been 218 days and still no action from Daniel Andrews

20 February, 2018
Daniel Andrews and his environment minister, Lily D’Ambrosio, have sat on their hands for 218 days as a growing crisis in the state’s waste collecti... Read more

Andrews Labor Government puts off urgent bail changes – again

20 February, 2018
Reform to our bail system is one of the most urgent challenges facing Victoria, yet Daniel Andrews continues to drag his feet. Today, the Andrews Labor Gover... Read more

Geelong to get its 110 km/h road back under a Liberal Nationals Government

17 February, 2018
The Liberal Nationals team have consulted with the community in the Geelong region and the overwhelming feedback is to return the Princes Freeway from Werribee ... Read more

Half a billion missing from the education department

15 February, 2018
Victoria’s training budget was underspent by hundreds of millions of dollars in 2016-17 but no one seems to know where the money has gone. Asked today... Read more

Liberal Nationals back Victorian motorists. Daniel Andrews backs Transurban

14 February, 2018
Victorians deserve to know the truth about whether Transurban is making super profits at their expense. The Liberal Nationals, if elected in November, will ... Read more

Liberal Nationals to make kangaroo pet food trial permanent

14 February, 2018
A Liberal Nationals government will give Victoria’s emerging kangaroo pet food industry certainty and make the current trial program permanent. In Seym... Read more

Labor betrays entire Basin by blocking northern review

14 February, 2018
Federal Labor has betrayed Basin irrigators and communities by joining the Greens to vote against a reduction in the amount of water to be recovered in the nort... Read more

Melbourne water users pay twice to maintain desal

14 February, 2018
The Victorian Government is ordering water from Victoria’s desalination plant to maintain the plant, despite Melbourne water customers paying $600 million... Read more

Award Winning Major Events Strategy Doesn't Exist

14 February, 2018
Tourism and Major Events Minister John Eren has been caught out misleading the tourism sector and Victorians over the existence of a Victorian Major Events Stra... Read more

Tim Pallas defends Transurban over super profits

14 February, 2018
The Andrews Labor Government has swung in behind Transurban today, claiming that CityLink doesn’t make anywhere near ‘super profits’. If T... Read more

Daniel Andrews giving Transurban a license to print money

13 February, 2018
ASX reports that Transurban’s earnings for CityLink is up 17.5% - despite traffic numbers falling - is a kick in the teeth to Melbourne motorists. Thi... Read more

Murray Darling Basin Plan

13 February, 2018
South Australian Labor and Federal Labor’s moves to undermine the Murray Darling Basin Plan threaten to squeeze the life from our Basin communities. Th... Read more

Victorians in the dark on Ambulance Performance

13 February, 2018
Today in PAEC hearings it was confirmed that the Andrews Labor Government and Ambulance Victoria (AV) have taken their eye off key Ambulance performance measure... Read more

Common sense approach needed on Wire Rope Barriers

13 February, 2018
The Liberal Nationals support properly placed and installed wire rope barriers. If done properly they can prevent some serious accidents and they can save lives... Read more

Great Southern Ocean Bike Trail

12 February, 2018
Melbourne to Adelaide by bicycle will soon be possible under a Liberal Nationals government. If elected in November, a Liberal Nationals government will comm... Read more

Sex offenders register

12 February, 2018
Sex offenders cause enormous harm to the community with many victims suffering lifelong trauma. Under Daniel Andrews, the number of sexual assaults has increase... Read more

Daniel Andrews owes regional Victoria $723 million

12 February, 2018
Daniel Andrews simply lies to regional Victoria when it comes to money. Premier for Melbourne Daniel Andrews owes regional Victoria $723 million – and ... Read more
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