Opposition Press Releases

ABS shows more users of our roads

23 October, 2017
More Victorians are using roads to get to work yet they keep getting relegated to the slow lane by Daniel Andrews. The simple fact is Daniel Andrews hates mo... Read more

Surge in violence towards Victorian health workers

23 October, 2017
According to the 84 Health Service annual reports released in parliament this week, the rate of occupational violence Victorian health care workers experienced ... Read more

When will Daniel Andrews stop standing by Peter Marshall?

22 October, 2017
More reports in the media today of bullying of our brave firefighters by members of the thuggish United Firefighters Union (UFU) raises the question: when will ... Read more

Labor still failing to consult regional industry

20 October, 2017
Background Daniel Andrews has snubbed the views of Victorian farmers by failing to consult with Victoria’s livestock and intensive industries before es... Read more

Victoria’s Unemployment Worst in the Nation – Again

19 October, 2017
Victoria’s jobs crisis is continuing with latest ABS jobs figures showing Victoria leads the nation in unemployment for the second consecutive month. V... Read more

Department of Justice Annual Reports

19 October, 2017
Today’s release of various Department of Justice Annual Reports simply confirms what Victorians already know, that the justice system is broken under Dani... Read more

Daniel Andrews’ disappearing Facebook post

19 October, 2017
Earlier today Daniel Andrews put up a Facebook post and tweet before strangely deleting both. The now deleted posts were of him smugly calling on NSW to &ldq... Read more

Andrews’ failure to fix CFA culture sees less female volunteers

19 October, 2017
Daniel Andrews has consistently shown blatant disregard for volunteer firefighters. His failure to stand up to the bullying tactics of United Firefighters Union... Read more

Daniel Andrews needs to stop protecting Peter Marshall

19 October, 2017
Peter Marshall and the United Firefighters Union must come out today and categorically deny that any member of the UFU has been responsible for covertly spying ... Read more

Daniel Andrews keeps the politics in infrastructure

18 October, 2017
Daniel Andrews promised that his establishment of Infrastructure Victoria would “take the politics out of infrastructure”. The government’s... Read more

Daniel Andrews proven a hypocrite on plastic bag ban

18 October, 2017
Less than 24 hours after Daniel Andrews announced a ban on shopping bags his own party has voted against banning shopping bags in parliament. The Liberal Nat... Read more

Auditor General finds government is failing to deliver leadership and fair access to elective surgery in Victoria

18 October, 2017
Victoria's health system is failing to meet elective surgery performance targets while operating theatres sit empty. The Auditor General’s report into ... Read more

Labor votes against public safety

18 October, 2017
Today, the Labor Party voted in the Legislative Council against measures to keep the community safe. The Liberal Nationals Bill to amend the Children, Youth ... Read more

Victim blaming only leads to silence

18 October, 2017
It’s incredibly difficult for women to speak up about sexual assault or harassment in the workplace when they fear they’ll get the blame. Further... Read more

Plastic-bagging, not sandbagging Northcote

18 October, 2017
Labor and the Greens today battle in Northcote with plastic bags. Daniel Andrews is no longer sandbagging Northcote, he’s plastic-bagging it. Once agai... Read more

Government shambles on taxis and ride-sharing will leave Victorians exposed

18 October, 2017
Daniel Andrews’ plan to completely deregulate taxi fares will leave many Victorians much worse off as they are refused short trips or forced to pay massiv... Read more

Young people call bull on Mikakos’ excuses

18 October, 2017
Young people encouraged to apply for Labor’s Youth Congress are still waiting to hear if their applications were successful, four months after the Congres... Read more

Drugs in schools should not be tolerated

17 October, 2017
Today it was reported by the Herald Sun that two children aged 12 and 13 had been allegedly found pushing drugs at Melbourne Girls College. Education Minister J... Read more


17 October, 2017
How many women in the CFA would be saying Me Too on social media if only they weren’t afraid of the consequences from the UFU and the Labor Government? ... Read more

PTV Annual Report

17 October, 2017
Revelations that a growing group of commuters are not tapping on with their Myki cards show that Melburnians are feeling the pinch. The Public Transport Vic... Read more
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