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Daniel Andrews has proven himself to be nothing more than a rank hypocrite who preaches one thing before an election then does the opposite after.

Before the election, Daniel Andrews told Victorians on 3AW that “more information is always better than less, more transparency’s always better than less…we’ve had enough secrecy.”

The now Attorney-General Martin Pakula also promised before the election that: “Labor will end this secret state and open our doors to the public, because we all deserve to know the details that affect our lives.  Under Labor’s changes, no future government will ever be able to keep a crisis secret. No more hiding, no more excuses.” 

Pakula also promised that: "Under Labor, ministers will no longer be able to hide behind stuffy rules, waste time grandstanding or sneak through changes in the dead of night."

For 470 days now, the Legislative Council has been asking for the Government to make public a number of documents. Instead of complying with the Parliament, the Andrews Government has gone to great lengths to keep these documents secret.

Daniel Andrews is so committed to shrouding his government in secrecy that he has sacrificed his top lieutenant Gavin Jennings rather than release documents to the public.

Victorians deserve better than a Premier who is more interested in keeping secrets from them and playing juvenile games than keeping promises and governing the state.

The only thing transparent about the Andrews Labor Government is its hypocrisy. 
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