Opposition Press Releases

Spin over safety for firefighters

13 October, 2017
It’s alarming to hear reports today that Daniel Andrews would rather spend taxpayer money on ads spinning for his government than buying vital breathing e... Read more

Daniel Andrews can’t have his cake and eat it too

13 October, 2017
According to Ernst & Young’s modelling for Labor’s ideological Victorian Renewable Energy Target, Victoria needs 25 times more gas supply for en... Read more

Ravenhall: Funded by Liberal Nationals and Opposed by Labor

12 October, 2017
After originally opposing Ravenhall and advocating instead for early parole for prisoners, Labor are now taking credit for the opening of Ravenhall. Next D... Read more

Conventional onshore gas could provide 10% of Victoria’s needs

12 October, 2017
The Liberal Nationals onshore conventional gas policy would allow new cheap gas to supply an estimated 10 per cent of the Victoria’s annual gas needs acco... Read more

High Court decision highlights Daniel Andrews’ failure to fix sentencing

11 October, 2017
Today’s High Court decision shows Daniel Andrews has failed to address our broken sentencing system. The unanimous decision of the High Court today to ... Read more

Security Band-Aid

11 October, 2017
Though extra security at hospitals is welcomed, we’re only talking about this because the justice system has let us down under Daniel Andrews. It was b... Read more

Liberal Nationals Onshore Gas Policy

09 October, 2017
Today, Peter Walsh and I announce an onshore gas policy that will give Victorians a clear choice at the next election. This policy will help put the brakes ... Read more

Ambulances stuck on hospital ramps while patients are treated in hallways

09 October, 2017
Neil Mitchell revealed on 3AW today that at least 10 patients were waiting with paramedics or being treated in the hallways of the Royal Melbourne Hospital on S... Read more

“Would you like some apple sauce with that pork barrelling, Mr Andrews?”

06 October, 2017
Desperate Daniel Andrews is serving up a generous serve of apple sauce with his Northcote by-election pork barrelling. This is a premier who is under siege ... Read more

Daniel Andrews forcing another power station to bite the dust

06 October, 2017
The Yallourn Power Station represents 22 per cent of Victoria’s electricity generation and was due to close in 2032. Daniel Andrews’ reckless Vic... Read more

More power price increases under Labor

05 October, 2017
Reports today that some of Victoria’s electricity distributors plan to jack up their costs by up to 5.2 per cent will add more hurt to already suffering V... Read more

Statement from the Shadow Minister for the Building Industry

05 October, 2017
For many years the building and construction industry has called for a voice in government to ensure one of Victoria’s largest employers can continue to g... Read more

Newcomb misses out while Northcote gets the cash

05 October, 2017
While Daniel Andrews dumps cash to sandbag Northcote, the rest of Victoria falls behind. It’s been reported today on 3AW’s Neil Mitchell that New... Read more

Why fight criminals when you can beat up your own colleagues instead?

04 October, 2017
Lisa Neville has today launched a poorly disguised attack on her colleague Jane Garrett over her decision to run for the Legislative Council. This is a gover... Read more

Motorists need East West Link, not a new tax

03 October, 2017
Today’s report on congestion by the Grattan Institute again demonstrates the enormous cost of Daniel Andrews’ decision to rip up the East West Link.... Read more

One punch minimum sentencing laws are being ignored

03 October, 2017
The latest example of prosecutors revoking a notice of intention to seek the 10-year minimum sentence for cowardly one punch attacks is further evidence that ou... Read more

Daniel Andrews’ funding cover-up

02 October, 2017
The Andrews Labor Government’s flu funding adjustment at the tail end of the flu season is a blatant attempt to cover-up funding gaps they have created fo... Read more

Violent crimes continue to soar

28 September, 2017
Today’s release of crime statistics shows crime is up 16.1% under Daniel Andrews. The quarterly results show that violent crime rates continue to incre... Read more

Statement from the Shadow Assistant Minister for Economic Development

27 September, 2017
Victorians are feeling the pinch from the cost of living pressures brought about by Daniel Andrews’ 11 new taxes and forced closure of Hazelwood which has... Read more

150,000 added to Victoria’s population

27 September, 2017
Victoria’s population is growing faster than ever before, with population growth of almost 150,000 people in the last year. Melbourne is being swamped ... Read more
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