Opposition Press Releases

Julian Knight

17 August, 2017
In 2014 the Liberal Nationals Coalition Government took decisive action and passed legislation to ensure that Julian Knight would remain in jail. We welcome ... Read more

Uber at the airport

16 August, 2017
If the Andrews Labor Government fully briefed the taxi industry during its negotiations for the ride sharing legislation that Uber will soon be operating out of... Read more

Polling 101

16 August, 2017
A robo poll last night conducted along the sandbelt seats apparently organized by the unions, has to be the most ham fisted attempt in Victorian polling history... Read more

City of Yarra out of step with Victorians on Australia Day

16 August, 2017
Last night’s decision by the City of Yarra is out of touch and out of step with the views and aspirations of a majority of Victorians. Simply put, a lo... Read more

Casey residents abandoned by local MPs

16 August, 2017
The City of Casey has become Victoria's home invasion hotspot with a break-in every three hours, but residents have been abandoned by their local Labor MPs. ... Read more

Australia Day isn't the problem, Yarra City Council is

16 August, 2017
The decision of the Yarra City Council to cease celebrating Australia Day on 26 January is divisive and symbolic of a local government that isn't focused on its... Read more

Daniel Andrews is playing politics with the safety of police

15 August, 2017
If Daniel Andrews hadn’t played politics in Parliament last week, ramming a police car would already be an offence in Victoria. Daniel Andrews’ d... Read more

Daniel Andrews refuses to address Melbourne’s congestion crisis

15 August, 2017
Daniel Andrews' latest infrastructure stuff-up is emblematic of a government that refuses to adequately address Melbourne’s congestion crisis. It has b... Read more

Regional councils struggling to meet roads costs

15 August, 2017
Country Victorians are wearing the costs of the Andrews Labor Government’s cuts to country roads funding. The parliamentary Inquiry into the Sustainabi... Read more

Victoria’s drug crisis worsens

14 August, 2017
Victoria’s drug crisis is getting worse under Daniel Andrews, not better. Reports of a 400 per cent increase in drug deaths in Melbourne’s outer... Read more

West Gate Tunnel: Fudged, distorted and a misrepresentation of the truth

14 August, 2017
More holes are appearing in Daniel Andrews’ dud West Gate Tunnel project after Senate Inquiry submissions were made public. Transport expert William Mc... Read more

Another report, another delay from Labor on tackling power prices

13 August, 2017
Today’s review into the retail energy market makes one thing clear: the Victorian energy market continues to become more unaffordable and confused under D... Read more

Daniel Andrews passes taxi tax to fund public servants

10 August, 2017
After today, Victorians will now be taxed on every taxi and ridesharing trip they take. This new tax will impact vulnerable Victorians, who rely on taxis and... Read more

Chaos in Parliament once again

10 August, 2017
Yesterday there was chaos in the Legislative Council when the Leader of the Government, Gavin Jennings and the Deputy President, Khalil Eideh missed two signifi... Read more

Labor Energy Minister is absolutely clear: Victorians are on their own

10 August, 2017
While Victorians struggle to pay soaring energy bills, Labor’s Minister for Energy Lily D’Ambrosio continues to blame everyone but herself for her d... Read more

Daniel Andrews votes against laws to protect our police

10 August, 2017
Last night, Daniel Andrews took the extraordinary step of voting against laws to protect our police. The Liberal Nationals bill to impose tougher penalties o... Read more

Liberal Nationals police car ramming bill passed in Legislative Council

09 August, 2017
The Liberal Nationals are taking action to protect our police who put their lives on the line to keep us safe. Today the Liberal Nationals bill to crackdown ... Read more

Tierney hides training report, now eight months overdue

09 August, 2017
Background The Andrews Labor Government is burying key data showing the extent of its cuts to Victoria’s struggling training system. Asked about th... Read more

Victorians given the cold shoulder by Labor

09 August, 2017
The Victorian Council of Social Service’s Power Struggles report highlights the hardship and strain being placed on Victorians because of soaring power pr... Read more

Parliament in chaos

09 August, 2017
Today the Government was defeated in the Legislative Council after multiple members, including Minister Gavin Jennings, failed to turn up to a vote. This result... Read more
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