Opposition Press Releases


18 May, 2017
Eltham residents will be unpleasantly surprised to learn that the Andrews Labor Government has said today that the North East Link might be built as a... Read more

Students less likely to find a job under Daniel Andrews

17 May, 2017
Just half of students enrolled in vocational education and training in Victoria are more likely to get a job as a result of their training. In a trainwreck p... Read more

Liberal Nationals commit to securing jobs in the Valley

17 May, 2017
An elected Liberal Nationals government would be committed to keeping jobs in the Latrobe Valley. Unemployment was up 50 per cent in the pas... Read more

A new service to help victims of crime

17 May, 2017
At the moment, victims of crime such as murder, terrorism, home invasion, emergencies, disasters and other critical incidents rarely receive the ... Read more

Labor’s desal disaster rips off customers

16 May, 2017
Daniel Andrews is ripping off water customers, making them pay for water we don’t need and letting Aquasure out of its contracted obligations. ... Read more

Everyone against Andrews on East West Link

12 May, 2017
Today, the Municipal Association Victoria’s (MAV) State Council has joined Infrastructure Victoria’s calls for the East West Link (EW... Read more

Budget blowouts, Budget paper lies from Labor

12 May, 2017
Today’s Public Accounts and Estimates Committee hearing heard admissions from Treasurer Tim Pallas that Labor’s infrastructure projects ha... Read more

Not “eleven new taxes” says Pallas, they are “changed choices”

12 May, 2017
In PAEC today, Treasurer Tim Pallas attempted to spin his eleven new taxes as “changed choices”. On the eve of the last election, Dan... Read more

Labor’s missing coal policy

11 May, 2017
Background: Labor announced their coal review in 2015 and promised to deliver its coal policy in 2016.   With no policy delivered,... Read more

Supreme Court ruling on Barwon prison

11 May, 2017
The decision of the Supreme Court ruling that the detention of teenagers at Barwon Prison is unlawful shows what a shambles the youth justice system i... Read more

School bans Richmond footballers

10 May, 2017
Every day there seems to be another example of our schools losing their way because of Daniel Andrews’ warped education focus.    ... Read more

Federal Govt delivers what Andrews Labor Govt refuses to

10 May, 2017
Country Victorians will get the vital investments they need after the Federal Liberal Nationals Government delivered for the projects that Daniel Andr... Read more

Daniel Andrews: for rorters, against Melton residents

10 May, 2017
Daniel Andrews continues to allow his rorting Labor MPs to stay in Parliament and today I’ve simply had enough. Rorting Labor MP Don N... Read more

Speaker censors women who speak out

10 May, 2017
Labor Speaker Colin Brooks decided it was too much for a woman to question the Government. Deputy Nationals Leader Steph Ryan was today boot... Read more

Telmo Languiller

10 May, 2017
Daniel Andrews and Telmo Languiller still seem to believe it’s okay to live in trendy Footscray and represent Tarneit which is over 20 kilometre... Read more

Budget reveals Aboriginal education crisis

10 May, 2017
Hidden away in the 17/18 Victorian State Budget is an alarming slide in education outcomes for the Aboriginal community. Performance indicat... Read more

Budget reveals cuts and mismanagement in arts

10 May, 2017
The 17/18 Victorian State Budget has revealed massive budget cuts, cost overruns and project delays under the mismanagement of Daniel Andrews. Bu... Read more

Geoff Howard

09 May, 2017
Geoff Howard has defended Labor rorters Telmo Languiller and Don Nardella, telling Parliament that they are being "criticised for misdemeanours". ... Read more

V/Line stays in the slow lane with Labor

09 May, 2017
V/Line passengers want reliable trains that run on time. Jacinta Allan and Daniel Andrews have been unable to deliver punctual trains and lower the ca... Read more

Victoria’s energy security

09 May, 2017
Victoria’s energy security continues to be at risk with threats of industrial action and generators failing. Victoria was once the sta... Read more
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