Opposition Press Releases

Service reform stalls under Labor

03 May, 2017
Labor has botched its Service Victoria initiative which was supposed to deliver better and more efficient transactional services to Victorians. L... Read more

More taxes for small business owners, higher electricity costs, but no help from Daniel Andrews

03 May, 2017
“The Andrews Labor Government is hammering small business owners with ten new and ever increasing taxes on top of soaring energy costs. Sma... Read more

Mordialloc Bypass 3 years behind schedule

02 May, 2017
Daniel Andrews has finally made a commitment to build the Mordialloc Bypass, almost three years after planning was funded and completed by the previou... Read more

Taxes up 20% but cuts to mental health

02 May, 2017
Daniel Andrews has announced ten new taxes in two years but has effectively cut the number of residential mental health beds.  The Gove... Read more

Taxes up 20% but better health services overlooked

02 May, 2017
Daniel Andrews has now announced ten new taxes but little of that money is being spent on improving Victoria’s health care.  Our state... Read more

Family Violence

02 May, 2017
The funding announced by Daniel Andrews for family violence largely centres on bureaucratic elements such as training costs, planning, strategy develo... Read more

Taxes up by 20% but no State money to improve education outcomes

02 May, 2017
Daniel Andrews has now announced ten new taxes with an overall tax increase of 20% but hasn’t found any money to improve education standards and... Read more

Daniel Andrews taxing regional Victoria more, but giving less

02 May, 2017
Daniel Andrews is taxing regional Victorians more, but giving us less. For the third year in a row, Daniel Andrews has arrogantly dished out scra... Read more

Andrews slashes support for Local Government in Budget

02 May, 2017
The big cut in this year’s budget is the halving of the Growing Suburbs Fund which represents a massive cut of $50 million to growth councils in... Read more

Victoria – Taxes up 20% and crime rates up 20%

02 May, 2017
Despite a soaring crime rate up over 20 per cent and an acknowledgement by the Police Minister that Victorians don’t feel safe in their own home... Read more

Daniel Andrews: taxing more but giving less

02 May, 2017
Daniel Andrews is taxing Victorians more but giving Victorians less.  In just over two years, Daniel Andrews has increased taxes by nearly $... Read more

Country Victorians duped on regional rail announcement

01 May, 2017
Daniel Andrews and Jacinta Allan announced a $1.45 billion regional rail package on Sunday, but have refused to spend a cent of state government money... Read more

Andrews fudges Ambulance data

01 May, 2017
Less Victorians are getting a Code 1 response because Ambulance Victoria have re-coded over 300 emergency events from Code 1 to Code 2 and Daniel Andr... Read more

Schools politicised under Daniel Andrews

01 May, 2017
Reports that the Victorian Government will be screening books, films and plays studied in VCE, including some of Shakespeare's works, shows just how p... Read more

Budget Surplus

01 May, 2017
Daniel Andrews boasts about a budget surplus while making Victoria the highest taxed state in the nation. This Premier just doesn’t ge... Read more

Regional Rail announcement

01 May, 2017
Attributed to Matthew Guy: Desperate Daniel Andrews has ignored country Victoria for two years, now he's making huge promises and sending the bill ent... Read more

Ice rehab beds

28 April, 2017
Daniel Andrews admits Victoria is facing ‘rising drug crime’, but has delivered little to keep Victorians safe. Today, Labor ann... Read more

Premier’s shameless police stunt

27 April, 2017
Daniel Andrews is more focused on the media cycle than actually protecting Victorians. Today, the Premier held a press conference to announc... Read more

Thunderstorm asthma report

27 April, 2017
The thunderstorm asthma event that hit Melbourne on 21 and 22 November 2016 and saw nine people lose their lives was a tragedy for our community. ... Read more

Labor must reject calls for logging bans

26 April, 2017
Background The Andrews Government must immediately rule out harvesting bans that would destroy Victoria’s timber industry. Reports&nbs... Read more
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