Opposition Press Releases

Daniel Andrews a hypocrite on fire service recruitment

02 February, 2018
The Liberal Nationals agree with the Andrews Labor Government on the need to recruit more women to our fire services. To help Daniel Andrews, here is a list ... Read more

Bail still broken but Andrews fundraising for Tassie Labor

02 February, 2018
Yesterday the Victorian Magistrates’ Court launched a scathing attack on the Andrews Labor Government’s failure to bring in tougher bail laws. Ye... Read more

Daniel Andrews to increase costs to ratepayers for rubbish collection

01 February, 2018
Daniel Andrews has been caught napping behind the wheelie bin, despite knowing of China’s July 2017 announcement to the World Trade Organisation that it w... Read more

Private companies step in to save Labor

01 February, 2018
Private companies like RACV are now stepping in to solve the problem Daniel Andrews created when he closed Hazelwood. On top of Labor paying big businesses... Read more

Labor’s training ‘rescue’ cuts funding in half

01 February, 2018
Daniel Andrews' promise to 'rescue' TAFE was a lie. Instead of a rescue, Daniel Andrews is conducting a raid cutting $123 million from the sector in the past... Read more

Daniel Andrews’ bail laws are broken

31 January, 2018
Reports today that the youth charged with attempting to murder pedestrians near Flinders Street Station on AFL Grand Final day has had his bail relaxed so he ca... Read more

Phonics Check: Working to make sure no Victorian child is left behind

29 January, 2018
A Liberal Nationals Government will introduce a Phonics Check for all year 1 students. The screening check involves a one-on-one session of 5 to 7 minutes wi... Read more

Blackouts and record gas prices under Daniel Andrews

29 January, 2018
Under Labor gas prices have gone from lowest nationally to highest in two years. Reports today reveal that Daniel Andrews’ move to lock up gas reserves ha... Read more

Too many aircons or poor planning by Daniel Andrews?

29 January, 2018
Further evidence today that Daniel Andrews has failed to cater for population growth after it was revealed on radio that Victoria’s power infrastructure j... Read more

Daniel Andrews pays $1 million to tell us what we already know

25 January, 2018
Victorians are paying one of the highest energy bills in the country thanks to Daniel Andrews failed energy plan – and Daniel Andrews’ response is h... Read more

Australia Day

25 January, 2018
A Liberal National Government will legislate to ensure Australia Day is recognised by all local government councils in Victoria. A Liberal National Government w... Read more

Panic, backflip, spin, repeat

25 January, 2018
Today the Andrews Labor Government rushed out an announcement for an unfunded prison to be built one day in the future at a location they can’t say. Co... Read more

Another Malmsbury attack

25 January, 2018
There was another violent attack on a female staffer who was knocked unconscious at Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre last night. On radio this morning, Correct... Read more

Report on Government Services

25 January, 2018
Last year Police Minister Lisa Neville said Victorians don't feel safe in their own homes and unfortunately today's release of the Report on Government Services... Read more

Birds of a feather flock together

24 January, 2018
In today’s Herald Sun, Daniel Andrews nominated the 1993 election of Paul Keating as one of the three most significant events in history. This is the ... Read more

Improved education standards. Better education outcomes. More opportunities for our kids.

24 January, 2018
Education is the key to hope and opportunity. If we are going to give our children the best opportunities in life, then it starts with a good education. T... Read more

Liberal Nationals commit to tackling cross-border problems

19 January, 2018
Communities along Victoria’s state borders will benefit from the services of a dedicated Cross Border Commissioner under an elected Liberal Nationals gove... Read more

Socio-economic report now critical

19 January, 2018
Shadow Water Minister Steph Ryan has slammed the release of a report recommending more water recovery for Basin communities, while a critical socio-economic imp... Read more

Labor in Government for 14 of 18 years, but still blaming everyone else

19 January, 2018
On Channel 9 News last night, while defending the employment of a spin doctor for $330,000 a year, James Merlino claimed he inherited “a basket case&rdquo... Read more

Victoria’s unemployment rates

18 January, 2018
Today’s unemployment figures show that while the New South Wales economy continues to stride ahead, Victoria remains at the back of the pack weighed down ... Read more
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