Opposition Press Releases

IBAC’s report on Ultranet

27 January, 2017
Background: The Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission has today revealed the extent of corruption by senior figures in the Victorian education ... Read more

Mikakos’ Supermax Backflip

27 January, 2017
Jenny Mikakos now supports a Youth Supermax despite having criticised it just three months ago.  In September last year I supported the idea of a Yout... Read more

Report confirms Youth Justice out of control

24 January, 2017
The Productivity Commission has today confirmed that Victoria’s youth justice system has spiralled out of the Andrews Government’s control. ... Read more

‘One strike and you’re out’ and presumption of remand for those charged with violent offences

23 January, 2017
We are all grieving and angry about the tragedy in Melbourne on Friday and Victorians deserve answers to such senseless loss and suffering.  ... Read more

Statement from Matthew Guy

20 January, 2017
I, like everyone, am distressed and shocked by the tragedy in Melbourne today.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the deceased and injured and all thei... Read more

Liberal Nationals announce City of Culture

20 January, 2017
A Liberal National Coalition Government will introduce a City of Culture initiative which will showcase cultural highlights from across regional and s... Read more


20 January, 2017
The Liberal Nationals are delighted that thousands of Victorian jobs have been saved and acknowledge the great work of the local Members of Parliament... Read more

Andrews’ Solar Tram Stunt

19 January, 2017
Daniel Andrews’ announcement today will do nothing to ease the pressure on families facing bill shock under his watch. Victoria has lost 2... Read more

Daniel Andrews responsible for flagrant drug use in the city

19 January, 2017
Background Despite desperate attempts by the Andrews Government to deny responsibility for leaving police without important powers to move people... Read more

Liberal Nationals will get wild dogs under control

14 January, 2017
An elected Liberal-Nationals government would introduce new measures to bring wild dog numbers under control in Victoria’s High Country, Shadow Minister f... Read more

Youths rioting at Malmsbury

12 January, 2017
While Daniel Andrews is on holiday, the law and order crisis in Victoria is spiralling further out of control. There are reports today of yet another out of ... Read more

Liberal Nationals to make support for victims top priority

10 January, 2017
Outline A Liberal Nationals Government will put victims first in our criminal justice system. In 2014, the Coalition Government through then Attorney-... Read more

Victoria yet to issue ban notice for Queensland prawns

10 January, 2017
Background The Australian Government has banned the import of foreign green prawns after the detection of white spot, a disease harmless to humans but devast... Read more

Andrews Government’s Pool Parties for Thugs

09 January, 2017
Daniel Andrews and Jenny Mikakos keep saying that repeated rioting on their watch is unacceptable but the reality is that they not only accept it, but they rewa... Read more

Car thefts on the rise under Daniel Andrews

06 January, 2017
Data released by the Victorian Crime Statistics Agency show that the number of car thefts per week is on the rise under Daniel Andrews. Compared to 2015, an ... Read more

Andrews’ contempt for South West Victoria

05 January, 2017
Today’s so-called announcement on roads funding for the South West shows just how much contempt the Andrews Government has for regional Victoria. Four ... Read more

Andrews’ desperate attempt to avoid Labor Rorts truth

05 January, 2017
Background Today, the Andrews Government announced it will appeal to the High Court in what will be its third attempt to block an Ombudsman investigation in... Read more

Victorians held to ransom by Andrews’ UFU mates

05 January, 2017
How many more times will Daniel Andrews let the United Firefighters Union hold Victorians to ransom and get away with it? It has been revealed today that the... Read more

Labor backs eBay over Victoria’s rural businesses

04 January, 2017
Agriculture Minister Jaala Pulford is beefing up the pockets of global corporations over Victorian small business as she implements her go-it-alone eID scheme,... Read more

Andrews admits his dodgy deal should be investigated

04 January, 2017
Thousands of Victorians have signed a petition to save Anglesea Beachfront Caravan Park (saveangleseacaravanpark.org.au) after Daniel Andrews made the decision ... Read more
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