Opposition Press Releases

Daniel Andrews is more interested in Brunswick than Ballarat

21 June, 2017
The Andrews Labor Government has today rejected some sensible recommendations to cut their proposed new tax on all Uber and taxi passengers, especially on those... Read more

Native vegetation laws

21 June, 2017
The Andrews Labor Government is on notice that it must get on with native vegetation law reforms. The Victorian Farmers Federation has warned the number of... Read more

Situation normal: Andrews Labor Government confused over its policies

21 June, 2017
The Liberal Nationals support greyhound racing in Victoria and we believe this code of practice looks like overreach by the Andrews Labor Government and a banni... Read more

Bill Shorten shows Daniel Andrews what he should have said

21 June, 2017
At yesterday’s CFMEU rally, John Setka told the crowd his union will ‘expose’ ABCC inspectors to community groups and neighbours and make thei... Read more

Second reading of the Liberal Nationals police car ramming bill

21 June, 2017
The Liberal Nationals' private members bill, the Crimes Amendment (Ramming of Police Vehicles) Bill 2017 should be passed as soon as possible before an innocent... Read more

Firefighters’ Presumptive Rights Compensation and Fire Services Legislation Amendment (Reform) Bill 2017

21 June, 2017
The Legislative Council has voted in support of the Liberal Nationals motion to refer the Firefighters’ Presumptive Rights Compensation and Fire Services ... Read more

How about Vicky the Value for Taxpayers Money truck?

21 June, 2017
Instead of Vicky the Values truck, I’d prefer to see the Vicky the Value for Taxpayers Money truck. Recently the Andrews Government admitted this truck... Read more

Ignorance no excuse for Hanson slur

21 June, 2017
Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Autism Spectrum Disorder has slammed Senator Pauline Hanson's comments calling for the removal of children with autism from m... Read more

Daniel Andrews gets his facts wrong on community safety

21 June, 2017
Today in question time the Opposition asked the Premier why measure 13 of the Callinan Review had not been implemented as intended. Measure 13 states: No ... Read more

Recycled announcements from a desperate Premier

21 June, 2017
There’s no surer sign that Daniel Andrews has run out of things to say when he starts recycling old announcements like he did this morning.  Tod... Read more

Labor sparks Heyfield mill fire sale

20 June, 2017
Agriculture Minister Jaala Pulford still refuses to admit the Labor Government’s offer to buy the Heyfield mill is just smoke and mirrors. In Parliam... Read more

Daniel Andrews believes equality is not negotiable unless he has a political agenda

20 June, 2017
Daniel Andrews continues to refuse to condemn Peter Marshall for trying to cover up the Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission report into bullying and s... Read more

Different issue but same political tactic from Daniel Andrews

20 June, 2017
Just like his attempt to couple a cancer compensation bill with legislation to break-up the CFA, Daniel Andrews is coupling legislation to cut payroll tax with ... Read more

Daniel Andrews should stop defending Roz Ward

19 June, 2017
Roz Ward’s latest reported comments claim:  “It’s more like 40-50 per cent of young people who are not exclusively attracted to the ... Read more

Rising drug offences in Victorian schools

19 June, 2017
Police are investigating an increasing number of drug offences on school grounds. Reports today show that 166 drug offences were investigated in 2016, an i... Read more

Interim Report of the Victorian Population Policy Taskforce

19 June, 2017
Victoria is growing at over 100,000 people every year yet there is no clear plan to ensure that infrastructure and services keep pace with this enormous growth ... Read more

Daniel Andrews: fighting terrorism with more reviews

18 June, 2017
We need action and tougher laws to fight terrorism not another review. Daniel Andrews promises in press releases major changes but only delivers minor reform... Read more

Liberal Nationals to introduce legislation to create a new offence of ramming a police vehicle

16 June, 2017
The Liberal Nationals will introduce legislation next week to create a new offence of ramming a police vehicle which will provide a two year statutory minimum a... Read more

Hazelwood closure continues to send power prices soaring

16 June, 2017
AGL and EnergyAustralia are increasing their power prices by 20% across Australia because of Daniel Andrews’ reckless decision to force the earl... Read more

Lisa Neville all spin on failure to tackle violent crime

15 June, 2017
Claims by Police Minister Lisa Neville that the crime statistics released today are positive shows just how out of touch with the expectations of the community ... Read more
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