Opposition Press Releases

Gas prices soar under Daniel Andrews

13 December, 2017
Victoria has the highest gas prices in Australia and warnings of gas shortages under Daniel Andrews. The ACCC released its second interim report into the nat... Read more

Report conclusive evidence that Andrews Government has failed to tackle crime gangs

13 December, 2017
The tabling today of a report under section 133 of the Criminal Organisations Control Act 2012 (COCA) confirms that the Andrews Labor Government has completely ... Read more

12 Days of Christmas. 12 New Taxes. 12 Daniel Andrews Lies.

13 December, 2017
Only a Grinch would announce a new tax in the lead up to Christmas. Yet this is exactly what Daniel Andrews has done with his new “city access” ... Read more

Labor fails farmers as produce rots on dock

13 December, 2017
Background Daniel Andrews continues to stand by while his union mates stop our hardworking farmers from exporting their goods. In Parliament today, Agricu... Read more

The ‘Education State’ slogan not worth the number plate it’s written on

13 December, 2017
Reading and numeracy continues to stagnate in Victorian schools, according to the 2017 NAPLAN report released today. The part-time Minister for Education Jam... Read more

Daniel Andrews is Transurban’s golden goose

12 December, 2017
Under Daniel Andrews, Transurban is the winner while CityLink motorists in the south-east and north are losing out. Higher tolls, longer tolls, new tolls and... Read more

Witness coercion allegation by senior Andrews Government bureaucrats

12 December, 2017
Today the Legislative Council Legal and Social Issues Committee has referred to the Ombudsman allegations of witness coercion involving senior Andrews Governmen... Read more

Energy poverty widens the haves and have-nots

11 December, 2017
Those on lower incomes are hit hardest by rising energy prices according to a report released by KPMG today. Under Daniel Andrews, energy prices have skyrock... Read more

Liberal Nationals to oppose $12 billion tolling extension on CityLink motorists

09 December, 2017
There’s nothing fair about slugging motorists in the north, east and south-east with up to 12 years of extra tolls to pay for a road in the west that they... Read more

Andrews falls short of Victoria’s energy needs

08 December, 2017
Reports have emerged today that energy shortfalls have a 39-43% likelihood of happening this summer, and they could last between four to five hours. Daniel ... Read more

Daniel Andrews uses figures to divide firefighters

08 December, 2017
Again Daniel Andrews and James Merlino fudge the figures to divide the fire services. They continue to focus on covering for their union mates. They disrespect ... Read more

Goods stranded on Melbourne’s docks as Andrews does nothing

08 December, 2017
Premier Andrews and his ministers are nowhere to be seen as millions of dollars of cargo remain stranded on Melbourne’s docks, unable to move because of a... Read more

A new voice for Victoria in Federal leadership

07 December, 2017
Leader of The Nationals Peter Walsh has congratulated Victorian Senator Bridget McKenzie on her election as The Nationals’ deputy leader today. Speakin... Read more

Andrews’ attempt at diplomacy disrespects Jewish community

07 December, 2017
Not content with mismanaging the CFA and Victoria’s emergency services, James Merlino is now taking his special ability to get things wrong on to internat... Read more

Dodgy building licences put Victorians at risk

06 December, 2017
Daniel Andrews must go after dodgy builders who put Victorians and their family at risk through questionable and dangerous construction practices. A Victoria... Read more

Health plan for more health plans

05 December, 2017
The Andrews Labor Governments’ well overdue ‘health design, service and infrastructure plan’ is just a plan for more plans. A major recomm... Read more

A website won’t fix country roads

05 December, 2017
Today, Labor’s Roads Minister Luke Donnellan detailed his ‘bold plan’ to fix country Victoria’s deteriorating road network – a new... Read more

Putting Victims First

04 December, 2017
Victims first clause for relevant legislative changes Increasing assistance support periods to up to 15 years Victims will be heard and re... Read more

Ryan calls for funding after flood damage

03 December, 2017
Funding for roads, bridges and community infrastructure will be required in coming days to help Euroa get back on its feet after the weekend's floods. Member... Read more

Labor must assess water resources now: Ryan

01 December, 2017
The Andrews Labor Government is delaying a review of water resources in northern Victoria, leaving the state without the information it needs to defend the inte... Read more
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