Opposition Press Releases

Daniel Andrews fails to fix flammable hospital cladding risks

01 December, 2017
Daniel Andrews has known for over two years that there is flammable cladding on Victorian hospitals and has done nothing to fix it. The Andrews Labor Governm... Read more

Lots of questions, but no answers on Northcote by-election preference deal

30 November, 2017
Background The Premier and Agriculture Minister today continued to refuse to answer questions in Parliament on Labor’s reported Northcote by-election p... Read more

Luke Donnellan often wrong but never in doubt

30 November, 2017
In Question Time, the Member for Narre Warren North, who lives in Fitzroy North was hypothesising on what he would do if he was a Member of Parliament in the no... Read more

Andrews Government faltering on tackling crime gangs

30 November, 2017
In 2015 the Andrews Government amended the Criminal Organisations Control Act 2012 (COCA), particularly anti-consorting provisions that are vital when separatin... Read more

Victorian Government Business Office in Jerusalem

30 November, 2017
A Liberal Nationals Government will open a Business Office in Jerusalem, Israel, to increase access to export markets, facilitate investment into the immediate ... Read more

Andrews must act on Melbourne Port picket

30 November, 2017
Premier Daniel Andrews needs to act urgently to end the picket currently blockading the Webb Dock terminal at the Port of Melbourne. The picket, manned by me... Read more

Pick a number, any number

29 November, 2017
Daniel Andrews initially said the Metro Rail Tunnel would cost $9 billion. It’s now $11 billion and counting. That’s already a cost blowout of 22%. ... Read more

Another round of sham consultation by Daniel Andrews

29 November, 2017
Only Daniel Andrews could hold a costly taxpayer funded PR exercise that ends with him and Jacinta Allan choosing the names anyway. After eight weeks of pub... Read more

Statement on Don Burke and Asperger’s

28 November, 2017
I do not know Don Burke. Given everything I have heard about him this week, I am probably glad I do not know Don Burke. But what I do know is that to use Asp... Read more

“$1.5 million a metre? Tell him he’s dreaming.”

28 November, 2017
At a lazy $16.5 billion, Daniel Andrews’ 11 kilometre long North East Link costs $1,500,000 for every metre. It’s clear that the Andrews Labor Go... Read more

Labor making a dogs breakfast of puppy farm reform

28 November, 2017
Victorians are forced to pay more for power, pay more for a home and now they’ll pay more for a pet under Daniel Andrews’ failed animal welfare refo... Read more

Appointment of Richard Niall QC to the Court of Appeal

28 November, 2017
Like we said two years ago, we congratulate Mr Richard Niall QC on his appointment to the Court of Appeal, but hope that his work in relation to the Labor Party... Read more

AEMO reports Victoria using emergency measures

28 November, 2017
AEMO have reported today that Victorian taxpayers will be paying for the irresponsible policies of the Andrews Government. Not only has Daniel Andrews sold o... Read more

Labor’s three year delay on water compliance

28 November, 2017
Lisa Neville has had laws proposing tougher penalties for water theft in Victoria sitting on her desk for three years. The Water Minister has flagged she is ... Read more

You can’t trust Daniel Andrews on tolls

27 November, 2017
Before the election, there was no mention of tolls on the Westgate Tunnel, now we find out Daniel Andrews will hand a multibillion dollar toll windfall to Trans... Read more

Daniel Andrews Government delays Gargasoulas proceedings

27 November, 2017
Scathing comments by the Supreme Court that the Andrews Labor Government has been responsible for delays in criminal proceedings against James Gargasoulas deman... Read more

Road cost blowing out by $1 billion a month

24 November, 2017
Attributed to Shadow Treasurer Michael O’Brien: Six months ago Daniel Andrews said the North East Link would cost $7 billion. Then he said it would be ... Read more

If you can’t trust Daniel Andrews in 2017, you definitely can’t trust him in 2026

23 November, 2017
Daniel Andrews will have his Seniors Card by the time the airport rail link is built. This isn’t an announcement, it’s a media stunt. In the... Read more

Daniel. Andrews. Will. Put. Tolls. On. The. Eastern. Freeway.

23 November, 2017
Again today the Andrews Government has put out a media advisor rather than Luke Donnellan to say they don’t intend to put tolls on the Eastern Freeway to ... Read more

DONE. FAIR. An insult to Victorians

23 November, 2017
Daniel Andrews’ new slogan is an insult to the many Victorians who have been unfairly impacted by his bullying and uncaring approach. Many families and... Read more
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