Opposition Press Releases

Daniel Andrews Government delays Gargasoulas proceedings

27 November, 2017
Scathing comments by the Supreme Court that the Andrews Labor Government has been responsible for delays in criminal proceedings against James Gargasoulas deman... Read more

Road cost blowing out by $1 billion a month

24 November, 2017
Attributed to Shadow Treasurer Michael O’Brien: Six months ago Daniel Andrews said the North East Link would cost $7 billion. Then he said it would be ... Read more

If you can’t trust Daniel Andrews in 2017, you definitely can’t trust him in 2026

23 November, 2017
Daniel Andrews will have his Seniors Card by the time the airport rail link is built. This isn’t an announcement, it’s a media stunt. In the... Read more

Daniel. Andrews. Will. Put. Tolls. On. The. Eastern. Freeway.

23 November, 2017
Again today the Andrews Government has put out a media advisor rather than Luke Donnellan to say they don’t intend to put tolls on the Eastern Freeway to ... Read more

DONE. FAIR. An insult to Victorians

23 November, 2017
Daniel Andrews’ new slogan is an insult to the many Victorians who have been unfairly impacted by his bullying and uncaring approach. Many families and... Read more

Daniel Andrews’ media release isn’t worth the paper it’s written on

23 November, 2017
Daniel Andrews will have his Seniors Card by the time his idea for high speed rail to Geelong is built. Geelong kids who are currently in Grade 1 will be 25... Read more

Daniel Andrews: “It’s not my intention to tell the truth on tolls…”

22 November, 2017
On Jon Faine’s program this morning, the Andrews Labor Government declined to rule out tolls on the Eastern Freeway to pay for the North East Link. Luk... Read more

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice...

22 November, 2017
Daniel Andrews needs to rule out tolls on the Eastern Freeway to pay for the North East Link. He lied to Victorians when he said cancelling the East West Li... Read more

You can't fix Narre Warren traffic congestion from a Fitzroy North cafe

21 November, 2017
The first step in solving Melbourne’s traffic congestion is to admit there’s a problem. Luke Donnellan, who lives in Fitzroy North, 45km from his... Read more

Labor can’t explain secrecy on Animal Welfare Victoria

21 November, 2017
Agriculture Minister Jaala Pulford has refused to explain her decision to establish Animal Welfare Victoria without any consultation with livestock and intensiv... Read more

Luke Donnellan – A stranger in his own electorate

20 November, 2017
“There’s few things more shameless than Fitzroy North resident and Member for Narre Warren North, Luke Donnellan, talking about suburban traffic con... Read more

Get Victoria Moving

20 November, 2017
Today I’m announcing the biggest traffic congestion-busting project in Victoria’s history. A Liberal Nationals Government will commit between... Read more

You know they’re desperate when…

16 November, 2017
Ben Carroll, the work experience Minister for Employment, is trying to distract attention from the fact that Victoria has the highest unemployment rate in Austr... Read more

More sex offenders out on our streets under Daniel Andrews

16 November, 2017
Daniel Andrews and his fourth failed Corrections Minister are asleep at the wheel while the most serious sex offenders living in the community continue to reoff... Read more

Don’t agree? You’re out

16 November, 2017
Today in Parliament the Premier again showed he has no intention of standing up for women, even if you’re a member of his own government. After revelat... Read more

Victoria’s unemployment worse than national average (edition 14)

16 November, 2017
Victoria’s jobs crisis continues with latest ABS jobs figures showing Victoria’s unemployment rate exceeding the national average for the 14th conse... Read more

Labor’s Flat Battery Plan

16 November, 2017
Victoria will now be reliant on dirty diesel generators to guarantee summer electricity supplies because Daniel Andrews has failed to deliver on his promises. ... Read more

Do Ormond right next time – Legislative Council

15 November, 2017
The Legislative Council of the Victorian Parliament today revoked Amendment C170 to the Glen Eira Planning Scheme which would otherwise have facilitated the dev... Read more

Auditor-General blows whistle on Daniel Andrews’ public sector spending spree

15 November, 2017
While Victorians facing skyrocketing power prices are struggling to pay their bills, Daniel Andrews keeps spending big on spin doctors and bureaucrats. The ... Read more

Labor’s carelessness could cost lives

14 November, 2017
Reports today that elderly Victorians and families with young children are making drastic and potentially dangerous sacrifices to deal with electricity and air ... Read more
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