Opposition Press Releases

Time to strengthen childhood vaccination, Daniel Andrews

08 February, 2018
Today the Liberal Nationals will seek to amend the Health and Child Wellbeing Legislation Amendment Bill to close an alarming loophole which allows nearly 70,00... Read more

Labor campaigning on their economic record….good luck with that

07 February, 2018
Reports in today’s Age claim Daniel Andrews and Labor plan to campaign on their economic record. Daniel Andrews’ economic record speaks for itse... Read more

Jenny Mikakos a bully just like the Premier

07 February, 2018
This afternoon the Minister for Families and Children, Jenny Mikakos became the first member to be named by the President and suspended from the Legislative Cou... Read more

Labor fails with smart meters again

06 February, 2018
Victorians continue to pay too much for power because of the botched roll out of smart meters by Labor. Under Daniel Andrews Victorians are paying too much f... Read more

Daniel Andrews lies on gun reforms

06 February, 2018
This bill could already be law if Daniel Andrews had stopped playing cheap politics and had put it to a vote. Last year the Government recklessly withdrew th... Read more

Andrews’ gas inaction costing Victorians

06 February, 2018
Reports yesterday show that if Victoria continues under Daniel Andrews’ moratorium on gas exploration, we face gas price hikes of over $250. Only the L... Read more

Crime doesn’t pay, unless you are living in Daniel Andrews’ Victoria

06 February, 2018
A Guy Government is going to make sure that crime doesn’t pay. The Liberal Nationals will introduce a new financial penalty on criminals which will go... Read more

Liberal Nationals move to bring forward bail changes

06 February, 2018
Reform to our bail system is urgent yet Daniel Andrews continues to drag his feet. The Liberal Nationals will today move to amend the commencement date of th... Read more

Firearms Legislation: ‘It’s so so so urgent, but we don’t have a start date yet’

06 February, 2018
This afternoon in the Legislative Council, Minister Tierney admitted that the policies and procedures necessary to implement the firearms legislation are yet to... Read more

ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day are not negotiable

06 February, 2018
Nothing is sacred in Daniel Andrews’ Victoria – not even the sacrifices our servicemen and women made for our state and our country. Today in Par... Read more

Record slump for Victorian household finances

05 February, 2018
The latest Members Equity Household Financial Comfort Report shows the financial comfort of Victorian households has dropped to a six-year low as families find ... Read more

James Merlino gets an A+ for excuses but F for results

05 February, 2018
Victorian Labor has been in government for 14 of the last 18 years and yet James Merlino is still making excuses for the latest figures showing school students&... Read more

Police in Schools Program

05 February, 2018
We need to tackle this violent scourge of youth crime to keep Victorians safe. A Liberal Nationals government will complement our tough sentencing, bail and... Read more

Taxpayer funded robo-calls?

03 February, 2018
Last night many Victorians and at least one Canberra-based journalist were phone polled on questions of economic management and the general performance of the V... Read more

Daniel Andrews a hypocrite on fire service recruitment

02 February, 2018
The Liberal Nationals agree with the Andrews Labor Government on the need to recruit more women to our fire services. To help Daniel Andrews, here is a list ... Read more

Bail still broken but Andrews fundraising for Tassie Labor

02 February, 2018
Yesterday the Victorian Magistrates’ Court launched a scathing attack on the Andrews Labor Government’s failure to bring in tougher bail laws. Ye... Read more

Daniel Andrews to increase costs to ratepayers for rubbish collection

01 February, 2018
Daniel Andrews has been caught napping behind the wheelie bin, despite knowing of China’s July 2017 announcement to the World Trade Organisation that it w... Read more

Private companies step in to save Labor

01 February, 2018
Private companies like RACV are now stepping in to solve the problem Daniel Andrews created when he closed Hazelwood. On top of Labor paying big businesses... Read more

Labor’s training ‘rescue’ cuts funding in half

01 February, 2018
Daniel Andrews' promise to 'rescue' TAFE was a lie. Instead of a rescue, Daniel Andrews is conducting a raid cutting $123 million from the sector in the past... Read more

Daniel Andrews’ bail laws are broken

31 January, 2018
Reports today that the youth charged with attempting to murder pedestrians near Flinders Street Station on AFL Grand Final day has had his bail relaxed so he ca... Read more
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