Opposition Press Releases

Labor playing follow the leader on water security

07 September, 2017
It is a relief that Labor has finally realised the value of the former Coalition Government’s work with Integrated Water Cycle Management. In 2011, af... Read more

Report on Drug Injecting Rooms

07 September, 2017
Today’s report on drug injecting rooms does not recommend introducing them in Victoria. Daniel Andrews is trying to walk both sides of the street, cla... Read more

Minister admits Yacqub Khayre released despite Callinan Review implementation

07 September, 2017
Today in the Legislative Council Question Time, Corrections Minister Gayle Tierney said that Recommendation 13 of the Callinan Review had been fully implemented... Read more

Labor’s Heyfield mill jobs promise in tatters

07 September, 2017
The Andrews Labor Government has broken its promise to the Heyfield community that jobs will not be lost at the Heyfield mill. In Parliament today, Agricultu... Read more

Victorians to sweat through summer blackouts

06 September, 2017
Daniel Andrews must consider purchasing working generators at the Hazelwood Power Station to keep Victorian lights on this summer. Energy is an essential s... Read more

Another day, another Daniel Andrews cover-up

05 September, 2017
Months after the tragic Brighton terrorist siege, Daniel Andrews is refusing to release an important review report into the siege to avoid public scrutiny and a... Read more

Victorians want an end to skyrocketing energy costs and Daniel Andrews’ energy spin

05 September, 2017
The Australian’s Newspoll result published today makes it clear that Victorians are not buying Daniel Andrews’ spin when it comes to the true cost o... Read more

Liberal Nationals pledge to keep traffic moving

04 September, 2017
The community of Carrum are again victims of poor planning from Daniel Andrews and Sonia Kilkenny. The decision to close the level crossing at Eels Race Roa... Read more

Daniel Andrews gives away another major event

04 September, 2017
Under Daniel Andrews we’ve lost the Pacific Iron Man, Women’s Golf Championship and now the Logies. Melbourne can’t remain the events capit... Read more

$250 million to be spent driving up power prices

04 September, 2017
Daniel Andrews is spending $250-350 million of taxpayers’ money on his go-it-alone energy target while Victorian households are struggling to pay their po... Read more

Police hacked as Daniel Andrews delays

30 August, 2017
Report today that police radios have been hacked resulting in a termination of a police pursuit are concerning. The Andrews Government said in April 2015 tha... Read more

Daniel Andrews’ promises on drug treatment come to nothing

30 August, 2017
Victoria’s drugs crisis is getting worse, not better. Today the Andrews Labor Government told the Grampians community it has “committed funding&r... Read more

Daniel Andrews Hospitals budget crisis

30 August, 2017
Daniel Andrews is forcing our major hospitals budgets into deficit by simultaneously expecting them to see more patients while reducing their funding to do so. ... Read more

Liberal Nationals to open Caroline Springs police station 24 hours a day

30 August, 2017
Since Daniel Andrews was elected in November 2014, crime across the Melton Police Service Area (PSA) is up 17.8%. The population in the area is also booming,... Read more

Liberals and Nationals promise new TAFE campus at Port of Sale

29 August, 2017
An elected Liberal and Nationals government will build a new TAFE campus at the Port of Sale site. Shadow Minister for Training, Skills and Apprenticeships S... Read more

Hospital electricity costs triple under Daniel Andrews

28 August, 2017
Victorian hospitals have learned from Health Purchasing Victoria that their peak and off-peak energy prices have as much as tripled this year compared to last. ... Read more

Liberal Nationals to establish Victorian Government Business Office in Thessaloniki

28 August, 2017
Victorian Opposition Leader Matthew Guy has announced that if elected, a Liberal Nationals government will open a Victorian Government Business Office in Melbou... Read more

CFA bill should go to the election

25 August, 2017
Background: Today another Independent MP has confirmed they will be opposing the CFA legislation in the Upper House meaning the bill is unlikely to pass. ... Read more

Daniel Andrews failing to fix Victoria’s training crisis

23 August, 2017
Victorian students are continuing to lose faith in our state’s training sector, as enrolments under the Andrews Labor Government continue to plummet. D... Read more

Home schooling

23 August, 2017
Today Labor and the Greens voted together to defeat a motion moved by the Liberals Nationals, which supports home school families and parental choice. The mo... Read more
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