Opposition Press Releases


Hazelwood shutdown: end of an era of secure and affordable power

Opposition Press Releases

Today the Hazelwood Power Station begins its shutdown and hundreds of Latrobe Valley workers lose their jobs. This is the outcome that Daniel Andrews always wanted. 

Since December 2014, unemployment in the Latrobe Valley has soared by 2002 people and this is set to worsen with the loss of hundreds of Hazelwood jobs.

Daniel Andrews committed an act of economic vandalism, tripling the coal tax to force the closure of Hazelwood that will cut 22% of Victoria’s electricity generation capacity out of the grid.

Victorians now face 72 days of power shortfall in the next two years according to the Australian Energy Market Operator, putting the State’s power security in jeopardy and more pressure on prices.

According to St Vincent De Paul Society, Victorians are facing an extra $300 extra on their annual household energy bills due to the closure of Hazelwood with more price increases to come.

Under Daniel Andrews Hazelwood is powering down and electricity bills are powering up. 

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