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Transurban’s forgetful message to account holders

Opposition Press Releases

Daniel Andrews’ de facto roads minister, Transurban CEO Scott Charleton, has taken great delight at informing CityLink account holders of the attributes of the Labor Government’s West Gate Distributor / Western Distributor / West Gate Tunnel Project.

In their excitement to spruik the “good news” to long suffering Melbourne motorists the “CityLink Team” has forgotten to explain some important, but inconvenient truths.

While informing motorists that this multi-named project will help ease congestion, the Team forgot to mention that Mr Charlton himself said the new truck road will be at capacity in just 10 years.

This helpful email spruiks the message that apparently the project will deliver better links into the city, but neglects to mention that the West Gate Freeway, the most congested part of the network, will continue to be choked with vehicles.

Nor does Transurban, using its database of thousands of account holders to spread Daniel Andrews’ spin, mention the cost - $5.5 billion paid for with extended tolls by Monash CityLink users who may never use this dud new road.

Daniel Andrews, Mr Charleton and the “CityLink Team” need to be honest with Melbourne motorists – will Monash CityLink tolls be extended for 12, 15 or 20 years?

Spin and pretty pictures are nice, but Melbourne motorists would rather the truth.

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