Opposition Press Releases


Daniel Andrews’ desperate safety stunt

Opposition Press Releases

The appointment of a Community Safety Trustee is an indication of a desperate Andrews Government which has failed to address the crime tsunami across Victoria and is unnecessary.

This appointment says much about the Government’s apparent lack of confidence in the Chief Commissioner of Police whose job it is to not only uphold the laws of our state but also deliver and monitor the implementation of community safety initiatives.

If such an appointment is to be made, it should be to a full-time Victorian based individual who is on the ground able to assess and monitor the performance of the state of law and order in Victoria.

The Trustee must be able to talk with the community, particularly victims of crime, something you just can’t do by remotely listening to the radio and reading the papers.

If this role is to be truly independent, then the Trustee should report to Parliament and not the Minister. 

We already have an assessment of crime in Victoria with the release of the quarterly crime statistics.

No report, spin or glossy brochure will change the fact that under Daniel Andrews crime is up over 20 per cent in just two years and as the Minister herself has said, Victorians don’t feel safe in their own homes.

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