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Andrews wrong / poorly briefed / lying on Callinan Review

Opposition Press Releases

Today in Question Time, Daniel Andrews wrongly claimed that all the recommendations of the Callinan Review have been implemented.

Recommendation number one of the Callinan Review calls for the establishment of a new case management system.  

In April 2015, Wade Noonan said it would be delivered by December 2015.  But we now know that the time has blown out to the end of 2018. 

Once again Daniel Andrews is either wrong, poorly briefed or lying when he says all recommendations have been implemented.

This is a Premier out of his depth on law and order issues and fails to take responsibility for the crime tsunami in Victoria.     

It beggars belief that despite being asked in Parliament about this specific issue, he is unaware of the time and cost blow out associated with reforming the parole system.

With a Premier who can't be bothered to know the facts, is it any surprise that people don't feel safe in their own homes with the crime tsunami continuing unabated.

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