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Premier has misled the Parliament on parole reforms

Opposition Press Releases

Daniel Andrews continues to delay implementing critical parole reforms designed to ensure the Adult Parole Board has all relevant information available to it.

The first of the recommendations of the Callinan Review was improvements to IT systems to enable the Adult Parole Board to quickly assess relevant intelligence and understand the risk a person poses to the community. 

Former Corrections Minister Wade Noonan (the first of four Corrections Ministers under Daniel Andrews) said in a statement on 1 April 2015:

“…a comprehensive electronic case management system, is expected to be operational in December 2015.”

Daniel Andrews has utterly failed to implement this key parole recommendation, despite having years to deliver it.

To make matters worse, Daniel Andrews misled the Parliament in Question Time yesterday when he falsely claimed the reforms had been implemented:

Mr ANDREWS (Premier)—Sentenced under the previous government—and the Callinan reforms have been implemented. This is a nonsense from the Leader of the Opposition.

(Source: Hansard, 6 June 2017, attached)

This is simply false. The Callinan reforms are not due to be fully completed until 2018 as shown in documents released to the Opposition under Freedom of Information.

Daniel Andrews should do the right thing and immediately make a personal explanation to the Parliament and apologise.

Attributable to Shadow Minster for Corrections Edward O’Donohue:

This divisive Premier has misled the Parliament and continues to put Victorians at risk with his soft on crime approach.

Daniel Andrews has utterly failed to implement these critical parole reforms despite the clear promise from his first Corrections Minister.

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