Opposition Press Releases


Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Bill (2017)

Opposition Press Releases

The Liberal Nationals are considering the recommendations of the committee’s report into the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Bill (2017) which was released earlier today.

Our initial assessment is that these recommendations are moving in the right direction. 

We continue to have reservations about the implementation of any new tax which will put cost of living pressures on passengers.  This new tax is one of eleven that has already been announced or implemented by Daniel Andrews despite the fact that on election eve he promised no new taxes. 

If Daniel Andrews breaks this promise again with a new taxi and Uber tax, a lower rate for regional passengers that have limited public transport options, is a sensible outcome. 

A sunset clause to limit Daniel Andrews’ taxi and Uber tax grab is also a very positive improvement on his original proposal which would have seen this tax hit continue long past the date when all compensation to the taxi license holders was paid. 

The Liberal Nationals will continue to consider this report and its recommendations and the government’s response and hope that a sensible legislative outcome can be achieved that is beneficial for consumers, jobs, license plate holders and transport operators.  They have been stuffed around by the Andrews Labor Government for too long and its time they were given the certainty to plan for their future with confidence.

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