Opposition Press Releases


Violent crime tsunami continues. Daniel Andrews only has spin, blame and excuses.

Opposition Press Releases

The continued increase in rates of violent crime is more evidence that Daniel Andrews should urgently adopt the Liberal Nationals mandatory sentencing policy. 

Today’s crime statistics show that since Daniel Andrews has been premier violent crimes continue to surge – murder is up 19%; attempted murder is up 141%; common assaults is up 34%; rape is up 14%; and aggravated robbery is up 33%.

The massive increases in the number of violent offences are why we have a policy of mandatory sentencing for repeat offenders.  Repeat violent offenders should serve mandatory jail times, not be out in the community committing more violent crimes.  

Daniel Andrews can’t fix the violent crime rate by continuing to give repeat violent offenders four, five or six chances before sending them to jail. 

How many more innocent Victorians will have to be hurt until Daniel Andrews cracks down on repeat violent offenders and puts them behind bars instead of out in the community.

This is a Premier who has no answers, only spin, blame and excuses.

Despite the crisis in violent crime rates, Daniel Andrews continues to defend the status quo on sentencing, bail and reform. 

At the next election, Victorians will have a choice between more of the same on law and order or my plan for stronger sentencing, tougher parole conditions and a return to the principle that bail is a privilege not a right for violent offenders. 

Until this Premier starts to put the rights of innocent Victorians before the rights of violent criminals, we will not see any decline in violent crime rates.

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