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Lisa Neville all spin on failure to tackle violent crime

Opposition Press Releases
Claims by Police Minister Lisa Neville that the crime statistics released today are positive shows just how out of touch with the expectations of the community she has become.

The sad reality is that serious, violent crimes continue to grow at an alarming rate.

Under Daniel Andrews, total crime has increased by 18.2% while violent crimes have surged – murder is up 19%; attempted murder is up 141%; common assaults is up 34%; rape is up 14%; and aggravated robbery is up 33%.

Behind these shocking statistics sit lives ruined, families traumatised and communities living in fear.

As Lisa Neville herself said only a few months ago, Victorians don’t feel safe in their own homes. 

Lisa Neville can try and spin the quarterly crime stats whichever way she wants but the simple fact is the crime tsunami continues unabated under Daniel Andrews.

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