Opposition Press Releases


Daniel Andrews’ Brown Coal Statement

Opposition Press Releases

Daniel Andrews’ Brown Coal Statement is going to cause electricity prices to reach stratospheric heights which will further hurt Victorian households and businesses.

You don’t need a crystal ball to know that Daniel Andrews’ coal policy will mean higher power prices, more blackouts, lost jobs and investment to NSW.

The Premier’s new coal policy will make new investment in brown coal related industries much harder, and that means lost jobs for the Latrobe Valley.

This is another sad reminder the Andrews Government is more concerned about inner-city Greens voters than hardworking Victorian families and businesses.

First Daniel Andrews forced the shutdown of Hazelwood, now he plans to do the same with the mining sector and baseload power in a bid to save inner-city Labor seats falling to the Greens.

Under Labor, Victorians have already been hit on average $300 more to keep their lights on this year with more pain to come including the risk of blackouts this summer.

Victoria was built on affordable and reliable electricity, but under Labor - Victorians are now paying record high energy prices that makes it even harder to run a business and create jobs.

Victoria has an opportunity to be a world leader in coal innovation, but not under the Andrews Labor Government who put their extreme left-wing ideology and politics before people.

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