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Cost of Victorian Heart Hospital blows out to $600m

Opposition Press Releases

A government tender document has revealed that the true cost to of Daniel Andrews’ new Victorian Heart Hospital has blown out from the promised $300m - $350m to as much as $600m.

Daniel Andrews was elected on the now broken promise that he would deliver this hospital at a cost to Victorians of $150 million, by 2018.

Almost 3 years later the sod has not been turned, funding partners have not been found and the cost of the project has skyrocketed to $600 million.

Labor abandoned the Liberal Nationals plans for a $120 million dedicated heart hospital co-located at Monash Medical Centre, in favour of an expensive stand-alone model requiring significant duplication of services.

At a time when patients are experiencing more diseases and conditions in conjunction with their heart disease we should be co-locating services not separating them.

As a result of his go at it alone approach to the Heart Hospital, Daniel Andrews will force taxpayers to foot the bill for his ego driven pet project.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Health Mary Wooldridge

"Daniel Andrews sat around the cabinet table that approved Myki and the desalination plant and now he’s botched this hospital project."

"Daniel Andrews has broken all his promises on this hospital with no plan, no timeframe and a massive cost blowout that taxpayers will have to pick up."

"It’s no wonder so many Victorians are missing out on the health care they need when the Premier is wasting taxpayer money through his gross mismanagement.”
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