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Daniel Andrews ignores the other missing link

Opposition Press Releases

Building the North East Link without fixing the Eastern Freeway will simply create a North East car park.

By Daniel Andrews’ own figures this would channel potentially over 100,000 extra cars on to the Eastern Freeway meaning those commuters in the East will need to start leaving earlier to get to work on time.

A North East Link without, at the minimum, a plan to deal with the ever-growing traffic on the Eastern Freeway is a project that will only add to the bottlenecks at Bulleen Road and Hoddle Street.

It will turn what is already a congestion nightmare on the Eastern Freeway into a car park.

A whole suite of issues have not been covered in the announcement, such as property acquisitions, the environmental impacts and, importantly, the detail of the expected costs.

Despite all of these vital omissions, the government is now claiming that communities now have the opportunity to comment on the proposed routes without knowing what they are commenting on.

It was also concerning the lack of detail Daniel Andrews seemed to be aware of at his press conference, not knowing how ludicrously expensive and ridiculous some of the proposed options were.

Quotes attributable to Opposition Leader Matthew Guy:

I take the Eastern Freeway every day getting to work and what concerns me is Daniel Andrews will only make traffic worse by channelling up to 100,000 extra cars on the road each day.

The North East Link is an important part of growing the road network, it is but one of two missing links that are needed to complete Melbourne’s road network.

Melbourne’s population is growing by around 100,000 people a year and that’s why the Liberal Nationals are working on a comprehensive population management plan that includes our entire road and public transport network.

Melbourne is a 1970’s city with a 2017 population. We will build a 2050 city for a 2020 population.

We will ease the squeeze on Melbourne’s population growth. We will have a comprehensive decentralisation plan that includes new roads that are connected and more public transport services.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Roads Ryan Smith:

Daniel Andrews keeps talking about a missing link but there are in fact two missing links, one of which he spent $1.2 billion not fixing – the East West Link.

Building the North East Link without a fix for the Eastern Freeway will only make commuter congestion worse.

The Andrews Government’s announcement on the North East Link today is one that has been ill-thought out and has little detail for the affected communities to consider.

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