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Questions for Daniel Andrews to answer

Opposition Press Releases

Why is Don Nardella, who is being investigated by the police for rorting $100,000 of his second residence allowance, still a member of parliament and when he retires will get a publicly funded pension worth millions?

Why has the Premier not insistant that Mr Nardella pay back the full amount he rorted immediately?

Why is Telmo Languiller still a member of the Labor caucus despite rorting his second residence allowance to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars whilst Speaker?

Why did the Premier spend millions of taxpayers’ money opposing the Ombudsman's investigation into Labor's misuse of electorate staff in the lead up to the 2014 election?

Why has the Premier never distanced himself from CFMEU secretary John Setka?

Setka's good mate Mick Gatto said of Daniel Andrews relationship to Setka:

“I don’t believe Daniel Andrews should cut his ties with him.”

“John’s a good man, he’s a good union leader. He’s got the interests of the people at heart and he’s doing the right thing and I think Daniel Andrews is doing the right thing supporting him.”

“I like Daniel Andrews. I’ve bumped into him a couple of times and he seems like an astute sort of person — he seems pretty genuine.”

What did Daniel Andrews say when he bumped into Mick Gatto?

Peter Marshall has an unlimited pass into the Premiers office, he's a well-known associate of Mick Gatto and the Khoury brothers – the Premier needs to come clean on what Peter Marshall has on him.

The Premier must also come clean on what transpired at the April 2016 meeting between him and Peter Marshall which resulted in the most catastrophic chain of events that has seen not only every top level fire officials sacked but his office abandoning him including his chief of staff Mr Mclindon, his deputy chief of staff Mr Kear (who attended the meeting with Mr Marshall in 2016) his head of policy Ms Dickinson and most recently his head of IR Mr J.P. Blandthorn (who wrote the infamous memo that warned the Premier that Peter Marshall conduct towards staff and public servants and his demands had "crossed the line.")

Does the Premier agree with Mick Gatto who says Peter Marshall is a man who “should be running the country”?

Did any Labor MPs attend the UFU ball in 2015 that Mick Gatto also attended?

Why did Daniel Andrews stand by the ALP's assistant state secretary when he admitted to destroying the dictaphone that was stolen from the 2014 ALP state conference?

And to remind everyone this is what the Age said about Mr Samaras' conduct:

"When you have someone who confesses publicly that he took possession of a dictaphone that was not his, listened to it, downloaded and played the recordings to others, and then destroyed the recorder – all in clear contravention of the law – then I would have thought he would face the consequences, even if that led to diversion."

Why did the Premier lie about his staff providing the stolen dictaphone recordings to the media when it could only have come from his office?

Why did the Premier sack the Privacy commissioner when he raised concerns about the Premier's plot to seize his own cabinet members phones and to audit them to find out who was leaking against him?

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