Opposition Press Releases


Parliament in chaos

Opposition Press Releases

Today the Government was defeated in the Legislative Council after multiple members, including Minister Gavin Jennings, failed to turn up to a vote. This resulted in the Opposition’s Bill on police car ramming being passed 20-18.

This afternoon, in the Legislative Assembly, Minister Lisa Neville called a quorum to try to shut down an Opposition Member speaking on the Government’s own debate. A foolish move that almost resulted in the Assembly needing be closed down for the rest of the day.

There were chaotic scenes as Leader of the House Jacinta Allan and Andrews’ fix-it man Chris Reilly rushed to the Legislative Assembly to sort out the mess. Government MPs and ministers huddled outside the chamber not knowing if they were meant to be in or out.

In the end a frustrated Jacinta Allan had to herd her confused MPs into the chamber to avoid Parliament shutting down.

These are all signs of a government too distracted by political games to be focussed on the orderly running of the Parliament and the needs and priorities of Victorians.

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