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Another day, another Daniel Andrews cover-up

Opposition Press Releases

Months after the tragic Brighton terrorist siege, Daniel Andrews is refusing to release an important review report into the siege to avoid public scrutiny and accountability which begs the question, exactly what has he got to hide?

It’s no wonder Victorians have no confidence in Daniel Andrews’ ability to keep our state safe when he’s too frightened to release this report into the failings of the system he is responsible for.

The key question this weak Premier won’t confirm is that if the Callinan Report measure 13 had been implemented as intended and as Minister Noonan told the Victorian community it would be, then Yacqub Khayre would have been in prison on 5 June instead of terrorising the community.

Measure 13 of the Callinan report says: “… no person … should be granted parole who has not behaved satisfactorily for at least the second half of that person’s time in prison. Failure to meet these requirements should be clear disqualification for parole”.

On 1 April 2015 the failed corrections minister, Wade Noonan, endorsed this recommendation and said that it would be enacted that day, stating: “No violent or sexual offender can be granted parole who has not undertaken the required prison programs and behaved satisfactorily for at least the second half of that person’s time in prison”. The midpoint for Yacqub Khayre’s jail time was August 2014. He set fire to Barwon Prison on 21 February 2015 during the second half of his prison sentence. Daniel Andrews must explain why this repeat violent offender was released.

The Andrews Labor Government can’t keep hiding the truth from Victorians. It must release, with appropriate redactions, this report so that Victorians understand what went wrong and what is being done to fix it.

By contrast, when the former Government commissioned the Callinan Review in May 2013, it was handed to government in July 2013 and released to the community in August 2013.

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