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Daniel Andrews needs to step in and ensure Khalil Eideh doesn’t run and hide

Opposition Press Releases

Reports that Khalil Eideh is about to take another taxpayer funded trip to the Middle East before leaving state politics doesn’t mean he can escape scrutiny over allegations his office is at the centre of another Labor rorts scandal.

Daniel Andrews should cancel this taxpayer funded trip until Khalil Eideh has fully cooperated with investigations into his use of printing entitlements.

Labor whistle blowers allege that western suburbs Labor MPs have stolen taxpayer money by inflating printing invoices with an elaborate cash back scheme that is then used for Labor Party branch stacking. According to these Labor whistle blowers, this stolen taxpayer money effectively ends up in Labor Party HQ coffers.

Serious allegations that Khalil Eideh’s office have organised printing invoices that are in some cases up to 10 times the market rate can’t be swept under the carpet by Daniel Andrews allowing his Deputy President of the Legislative Council to travel overseas while the allegations remain unanswered.

The Premier needs to step in and ensure Khalil Eideh doesn’t run and hide.

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