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Labor’s handouts not making a dent in drug problem

Opposition Press Releases

Reports today that the number of syringes being handed out to drug users are at record levels show that Victoria’s drugs crisis is getting worse, not better, under Daniel Andrews.

Figures today show North Richmond Community Health dispenses about 4500 syringes a day.

It is clear Daniel Andrews’ $184 million Ice Action Plan is a dud.

Daniel Andrews is throwing money at the problem and hoping it will get better, but it’s not making a dent in the number of lives that are being destroyed by drug addiction.

The former Liberal-Nationals government funded three residential rehabilitation facilities but Daniel Andrews cut funding for this critically important measure.  

Only the Liberal-Nationals have a plan to tackle the drug epidemic through targeted education, better access to drug treatment and bringing down the drug kingpins that prey on vulnerable people in our community.

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