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Motorists need East West Link, not a new tax

Opposition Press Releases

Today’s report on congestion by the Grattan Institute again demonstrates the enormous cost of Daniel Andrews’ decision to rip up the East West Link.

Stuck in traffic? Road congestion in Sydney and Melbourne finds that Melbourne’s peak traffic congestion is now worse than Sydney’s. The report notes “In the morning peak, the average CBD-bound trip in Sydney takes 70 per cent longer than it would in the middle of the night, but around 80 per cent longer in Melbourne.”

The report also finds that the worst congestion hotspot in Melbourne is in the north-east, particularly along the Eastern Freeway corridor (see page 32).

This is why joining up the Eastern Freeway to CityLink would keep traffic flowing across Melbourne and provide an alternative corridor to the M1.

The decision of Daniel Andrews to rip up the East West Link – at a cost of over $1.3 billion – has made a bad situation even worse. The enormous cost of congestion to our economy was highlighted in the Grattan Institute’s report which noted “The Bureau of Transport, Infrastructure and Regional Economics (BITRE) says congestion is costing ….. $4.6 billion a year in Melbourne…”.

However, the Victorian Liberal Nationals reject any call for a new congestion tax to be imposed on Victorian motorists. Despite Daniel Andrews promising no new taxes or tax increases, his Labor government has imposed 11 new and increased taxes on Victorians.

A new congestion tax will simply hit hardest those families already struggling with the cost of living under Labor.

Victorian motorists don't need a new congestion tax – just decent infrastructure.

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