Opposition Press Releases


Why fight criminals when you can beat up your own colleagues instead?

Opposition Press Releases

Lisa Neville has today launched a poorly disguised attack on her colleague Jane Garrett over her decision to run for the Legislative Council.

This is a government at war with itself, more interested in fighting each other than focusing its efforts on helping Victorians.

It is the height of hypocrisy that Lisa Neville would judge where her colleagues decide to run, when she doesn’t even live in her own seat.

It’s disappointing that Lisa Neville would rather attack other women than tackle the violent crime tsunami plaguing our state.

As the Minister herself has said “Victorians don’t feel safe in their homes”.

When Jane Garrett was Minister, Peter Marshall allegedly threatened to “put an axe through Ms Garrett’s head”, but to this day Lisa Neville and the Premier have refused to condemn this alleged behaviour.

In addition to Lisa Neville, the following Labor MPs live outside their electorates:

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