Opposition Press Releases


Statement from the Shadow Minister for the Building Industry

Opposition Press Releases

For many years the building and construction industry has called for a voice in government to ensure one of Victoria’s largest employers can continue to grow and improve productivity.

Victoria’s population is growing faster than ever before and needs an effective building industry to sustainably accommodate over 100,000 new Victorians every year.

Daniel Andrews has no plan to manage population growth or a building industry that is hamstrung by inflated costs and burdensome industrial red-tape.

We need to ensure we can build infrastructure as efficiently and effectively as possible so we can ease the squeeze on our state.

As Victoria’s first Shadow Minister for the Building Industry, I officially opened the Independent Builders Network conference to discuss the Liberal Nationals support for small builders who will form part of our comprehensive population plan.

I joined 150 small builders from across the state to discuss how to better the building industry neglected by Daniel Andrews, so builders can do what they do best – build strong communities.

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