Opposition Press Releases


More power price increases under Labor

Opposition Press Releases

Reports today that some of Victoria’s electricity distributors plan to jack up their costs by up to 5.2 per cent will add more hurt to already suffering Victorian power customers.

Labor promised their smart meter program would only cost Victorians $800 million and that it would lower network costs on electricity bills.

The truth is, Victorians paid $2.23 billion for Labor’s disastrous smart meter rollout and network charges are still going up.

Daniel Andrews also promised Victorians would only pay “85 cents a week” more after he forced Hazelwood to close. Victorians are paying on average $300 more for energy this year after Hazelwood was shut.

Victorians don’t want Labor lies or to be rorted, they want cheaper energy so they can keep their lights on.

A Liberal Nationals Government will put an end to Labor’s ideological energy policies to prevent energy becoming even more unaffordable.

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