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Daniel Andrews forcing another power station to bite the dust

Opposition Press Releases

The Yallourn Power Station represents 22 per cent of Victoria’s electricity generation and was due to close in 2032.

Daniel Andrews’ reckless Victorian Renewable Energy Target (VRET) of 40 per cent by 2025 will heavily subsidise renewables and pressure the remaining three coal power stations out of the market.

As a result of the VRET, the Yallourn Power Station is now expected to close in 2026 or sooner.

When asked if the VRET would affect the commercial viability of Yallourn as suggested by the Victorian Government’s own modelling, Labor Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio stated: “the simple answer is no.”

Since the closure of the Hazelwood Power Station, which represented 22 per cent of Victoria’s electricity generation, the wholesale price of electricity tripled from $36.07 per megawatt hour to $102.57 MWh. (Source)

Comments attributable to David Southwick, Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources:

Daniel Andrews remains silent on the looming early closure of the Yallourn Power Station by 2026 or sooner because of his reckless and ideological VRET.

Victorians face a summer of blackouts, high power bills and no air-conditioning because Daniel Andrews forced the early closure of Hazelwood.

Labor’s destructive energy policies are rapidly eroding Victoria’s energy affordability and reliability. Under Daniel Andrews, you pay more and get less.

Households and businesses must now brace for another devastating power station closure because of Daniel Andrews’ ideological agenda.

Only a Liberal Nationals Government will abolish Labor’s target of 40% renewables by 2025 to protect Victoria’s energy affordability and reliability.

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