Opposition Press Releases


“Would you like some apple sauce with that pork barrelling, Mr Andrews?”

Opposition Press Releases

Desperate Daniel Andrews is serving up a generous serve of apple sauce with his Northcote by-election pork barrelling.

This is a premier who is under siege and can’t afford a loss in this crucial by-election, so he’s handing taxpayers another bill to save his political skin.

It’s obvious that today’s announcement to fast-track the construction announced in December is a desperate attempt to sandbag Northcote.

This site was initially supposed to be an ugly, noisy Sky Rail but in an amazing stroke of luck for the voters of Northcote, Daniel Andrews has changed it to a trench.

Voters in the seats of Oakleigh, Caulfield, Carrum and Frankston will be rightly wondering why they don’t have such good fortune. At the next election voters in these seats will be able to tell Daniel Andrews what they think about luck and coincidence.

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