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Conventional onshore gas could provide 10% of Victoria’s needs

Opposition Press Releases

The Liberal Nationals onshore conventional gas policy would allow new cheap gas to supply an estimated 10 per cent of the Victoria’s annual gas needs according to figures reported today.

The estimate from Lakes Oil backs the Liberal Nationals policy to support landowners with a 10 per cent share of the royalty, provide direct relief to Victorian gas users and keep fracking banned.

Any new gas extracted under the Liberal Nationals policy would stay in Victoria for the benefit of Victorians.

According to Australian Energy Market Operator, Victoria is facing a 50 per cent drop in gas supply by 2021 which would result in shortages and higher energy prices.

Victorians want to turn their heaters and stoves on, but all they are getting from Daniel Andrews is a Premier who hides behind lies and scare mongering.

The Australian Industry Group, Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association, the Grattan Institute, Shell Australia, Victorian businesses like Alba Cheese and struggling Victorian energy customers all support the Liberal Nationals plan to make gas and energy cheaper.

Even Daniel Andrews’ Labor mate Bill Shorten supports the Victorian Liberal Nationals policy, stating “we have got access to conventional gas supplies. We need to bring gas supply into the market, no question.”

Daniel Andrews needs to stop playing politics with Victoria’s gas supply and energy affordability, and support the Liberals Nationals onshore conventional gas policy.

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