Opposition Press Releases


Daniel Andrews desperate to cling to Northcote

Opposition Press Releases

The announcement today by the Andrews Labor Government to invest $2.5 Million in Fairfield Primary School comes on top of $4.5 Million in Northcote High School, $3.15 Million for Northcote Primary school, $5 Million for Croxton School, $5 Million for Thornbury High School and funding for a new school in Alphington is nothing short of a disgraceful attempt by the Andrews Labor Government to buy votes in the upcoming Northcote by-election.

This cynical and desperate Labor Government will do anything to pork barrel and cling to Northcote.

It is shameful that this part-time Minister for Education would allocate money to those schools whose voting parents at the moment are of greatest need to the government, rather than those schools which have the greatest need for improvements.

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