Opposition Press Releases


Metropolitan Remand Centre Prison Riot

Opposition Press Releases

Daniel Andrews' decision to plead guilty to the serious workplace safety charges brought by WorkSafe following the Metropolitan Remand Centre (MRC) prisoner riot in June 2015 is further confirmation that this was another serious law and order stuff-up by the Andrews Government.

The cost to Victorians of the MRC prisoner riot, the worst in Victoria's history, has already exceeded $100M and may now increase by millions more.

This has not only been the worst prison riot in Victoria's history, it has also been the most expensive.

None of this accounts for the human cost of lives and careers ruined following the injuries sustained by prison officers during the riot.

There remain many unanswered questions about how the riot got so out of control, the orders given to prison officers during the riot and who has been held accountable for these shocking failures.

If you can’t control violent criminals inside a prison, it's no wonder the Premier can’t control the crime problem in our community.

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