Opposition Press Releases


Daniel Andrews baulks at leadership on sentencing

Opposition Press Releases

The Sentencing Advisory Council’s A Sentencing Guidelines Council for Victoria: Issues Paper, released today, is more proof that Daniel Andrews wants soft on crime academics and bureaucrats to decide sentencing policy.

Victorians deserve a government that is prepared to put community safety first and ensure that the community’s right to be protected from violent criminals is paramount.

To do this, we don’t need more bureaucracy. We need stronger laws and courts that are prepared to better reflect community expectations right across sentencing for serious crimes.

Nothing in the Issues Paper released today gives any comfort that Daniel Andrews will deliver the stronger approach to sentencing Victorians are crying out for.

Victorians will have a clear choice at the next state election.

The problems facing our justice system won’t be solved by more of the same under Daniel Andrews.

The Liberal Nationals have already announced plans for mandatory minimum sentencing for 11 of the most serious crimes as well as reforms to bail, parole, policing and victims’ rights.

Unlike Daniel Andrews, only a Liberal Nationals Government will do whatever is necessary to ensure that safety comes first and give victims and the community a real voice in our justice system.

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